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Today I went to the Ford of Murfreesboro in hopes to trade in my old car for a new one or newer to me.  I have never been more pleased by the service I received.  The salesman greeted me, told me his name was Jason, and asked me if I had a vehicle in mind. I told him I was hoping to trade my car in for a newer one that I really liked the new focus. We walked the lot together; he wanted to make sure I saw all my options that they had to offer. I finally decided that I didn’t want the focus I wanted the Fusion. We started the paperwork and I was nervous that my car was not going to be enough to cover the down payment. The whole time I was there everyone was super nice asking if I was being helped and if I would like a drink. Jason was fantastic he worked so hard getting me a good deal.

He got it to where I could get a brand new car with just my trade in and nothing out of pocket. I have to say that out of all the cars I have purchased I have never had one like this. The whole experience was great. I love my new car and it is all thanks to my salesman Jason. Thanks Jason and Ford of Murfreesboro.

I give it 5 stars…  What do you give it? (see Home Page to learn about our Hypstir Subscriber requirements)


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    Ford did a great job servicing my warranty issue on my Focus last month. They were nice and efficient. They were done in like two days and it drives better than ever.

  2. Ford is a great American company. I feel a sense of duty in supporting American manufacturing. My favorite Ford to date was the Flex. My family traveled all over the country in one and we had a blast.

  3. I love my ford transit. It is the perfect family vehicle. We took it all the way from TN. to Utah over the summer. The people at this company are very helpful.


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