Western Sizzler


So I was on my way back from Chattanooga, TN and was getting hungry. There was a wreak on the interstate and traffic was so slow. I was close to an exit and I saw a sign that said Western Sizzler. I thought, why not better then sitting in traffic for an hour.

They have the building done in a western theme. It was clean and the food  smelt  great when you walked in. So you walk in you go to a counter and you can order the buffet. If looking for more then the buffet they have a kitchen menu you can order off of. The menu has steak, hamburgers and items that they don’t have on the buffet all the time. The food was really good a lot to choice from. Salad, fried chicken, fish, pasta, soups, and so much more. My waitress, Chelsea, was great.  She came by to check on the food and made sure I didn’t need anything else. She never let my cup get empty and even asked if wanted a drink to go.

The price is really good here as well you get all you can eat for $8.99 plus drink. I normally don’t stop at places like this, I am really glad I did. So if you are ever in Jasper, TN you should really stop in and enjoy the food. I know my next trip either down to Chattanooga or back I will be stopping there.

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