My wife and I were in a shopping plaza in Murffreesboro Tennessee.  We were looking for a place to take the kids for dinner.  We noticed a family-style restaurant called Farms in the same plaza. I don’t know if it was the carved wooden bear out front, but they were quick to say yes.

we walked in to a very large and open space where we were greeted by a hostess.  She took us to a table that was up close to the buffet.  This was nice, but it did give the kids a view of the desert bar.

They had a large selection, and a great salad bar.  The food was good for the most part, and the deserts were very good.  However, I did notice that they were store bought.

Farmers has live music on occasion, and is a very friendly place.  They are a Christian restaurant, and they do stop to pray.  This is led by the owner of the restaurant.

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