Peter D’s


With an eclectic menu and a completely unique dining experience, Peter D’s Restaurant provides excellent customer service.  Those of you familiar with the Demos Family can expect that same level of service and quality.  Peter D’s is intended to be an upscale restaurant with a casual atmosphere.  They offer all this while you take in the controversial points in our American History in their decor.

Peter D’s is located in Murfressboro, TN.  The restaurant is decorated with real antiques, and loves to show them off.  The books on display have been banned by our government due to censorship.  The bathrooms are covered with over 30,000 pennies.  On top of all of this, they play great Christian, Blues, and Rock music.  They even set the clocks to their favorite bible verses, and the foyer is covered in wood crafted by a local craftsman (Ryan Davis).

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  1. I love the atmosphere here. It has an upscale feel with affordable prices. Great date night material!!


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