Wasabi Japanese Steak House


Decided to try something new and stumbled across this place called Wasabi Japanese Steak House. We were greeted at the door and the waitress seats you at a large table with a grill in the center. There is a selection of yummy sounding sushi but we opted for the hibachi. I went with the shrimp! You also get soup and salad with your selection. The miso soup was good, I like the addition of the noodles they put in it unlike most places. The salad is just the standard salad but has a very nice tasting ginger dressing.Once we have completed our soup and salad the chef comes out with a cart full of items. He does some fun tricks with his spatula with the egg for the rice and he also builds an onion tour and sets it ablaze! If you are a bit intimidated by fire might not want to sit in the center seat! While he cooks the shrimp he flips one on my plate! Once everything is cooked we dig in. He also gives us two different sauces and I absolutely love the yum yum sauce.

Overall, the lunch was very delicious! Just make sure you have a little extra time on your hands when you go because it does come out in stages so it’s not a quick bite and leave type of place. The portions are a good size and we actually had leftovers! Definitely would recommend Wasabi! Good food, reasonable prices, and a interactive meal!

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  1. Great place to have a birthday party!! I had one for my dad there and he had a blast. The food was great and the cook was entertaining.

  2. I eat at Wasabi every friday night. It has become a part of my weekly ritual. I think you will love it.

  3. The sushi is good but the steaks are the bomb!! Try the filet. You will love it 🙂

  4. The filet here is great!! I eat here at least once a week.


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