Johnny Rockets


My wife and I took the kids to Johnny Rockets for lunch.  It was very busy, but we didn’t have to wait long. We were seated within minutes.  Our server was very friendly, and quick to get our drink order.  While she got our drinks, we got the kids started on some games.  When our server came back with the drinks we weren’t quite ready for to order, but she was more than happy to give us a few more minutes.  When we finally did order, she happy to get our order.  While we waited for our food, the staff sang and danced for us.  What a great touch for the kids.  They clapped and sang along.

Our food was very good, and the staff was very friendly.  Our whole family had a very good time, and I would recommend it to any one.  The prices were fair, we all ate for under $50.

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  1. Milk shake heaven!! I could live on these. Probably wouldn’t live long but it might just be worth it. Lol

  2. These milk shake here is right on time. Probably the best I have had.

  3. They have the best Burgers and fries!! I love the atmosphere as well. 🙂


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