So, it’s that time of day.  Lunch time.  I just got back from Hooters.  I haven’t been to a Hooters in a long time, and they now have a newly remodeled one here in Murfreesboro, TN.  The new look and feel was very nice, still I don’t know if I like it better than the old one.  The theme and the uniforms were still the same.  However, them menu was very different.  I was ready to order the claim chowder, but it is no longer on the menu.  I did however order the pretzels with bear cheese, and I’m glad I did.  They were great.  The food was better overall, and the service was very good.

There was a game on every TV, but the audio was set to a channel that wasn’t on any screen.  This was pretty distracting, and loud.

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  1. This is my spot! My wife is awesome she knows I love this place and even bought me a gift card for my birthday. It doesn’t get better than that!

  2. Hooters is the bomb. And I think you know why !

  3. This place is an American institution! Chicken! Beer! and what else…….. oh yeah the lovely ladies. It doesn’t get better than that for my money.

  4. My friend works here and she says it is a great place to work. I have always enjoyed the food as well.

  5. I really enjoy taking my son to Hooters. It gives us some bonding time that i miss out on due to a heavy work schedule. The wings are great and the view is nice to say the least.

  6. My favorite is the wings. Best wings around in my opinion.


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