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After reading countless reviews of mattress after mattress, my wife and I have finally made a decision.  We are ready to by our mattress, however it is not due to a review or a sales pitch.  We made our decision after going on vacation, and having the best weeks sleep of our lives.  The resort was amazing, but the mattress definatly was the icing on the cake.  We knew that this was the one.

After some research, we found a local dealer (Mattress Gallery Direct) and were able to have it delivered the next day.  We have been on vacation ever since.

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    You’ll get the best sleep you have ever had on an Easman Mattress. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it.

  2. My Easman Mattress has helped my wife with her neck issues. It has made a bigger difference than any mattress we have ever had.

  3. I have had my Easman Resort Mattress for almost 10 years and it is still awesome. I’m about to buy another one in kings size because I have been on a queen. I am so excited and I have been saving up.

  4. I can’t speak highly enough about these mattresses. I don’t own an Easman but I sleep on them in hotels a lot. I am interested in buying one now that I have found this site. Any suggestions on where to get one in the Houston Tx. Area?

  5. We got our Easman mattress delivered today. I can’t wait to sleep on it. I am so excited!!!

  6. The new design of the Easman Grand Resort is the most elegant I have ever seen. I have had these mattresses before and they have always been great. They really hit a home run this time with asthetics and comfort. Mine is being delivered this evening. I can’t wait!

  7. The quality is unmatched by any brand I have ever used. When I found out about the Easman Mattress company I was working in a resort and I was taken aback by how many of our guests complimented us on the Mattress. When I finally decided the buy one for myself It was a no brainer. I have never had a mattress this comfortable.

  8. I bought an Easman mattress a few weeks ago. It really sleeps well. I had been on a Serta for a while and it was worn out. This new one is way better.

  9. Had was very happy with the quality of the Grand Resort mattress by Easman. I tried Beautyrest, sealy, and stearns & foster and they did not even compare to the comfort and quality of the Easman mattress. I would recommend the one with cool gel because it helps keep you cool at night. Hope this review helped.

  10. I just bought my second Easman. I was so pleased with the one I have had for nearly 15 years that I bought another one and moved the old one to the guest room. It is actually still in great shape but I saw a special on dust mites and decided to get something new and fresh.

  11. I am in love with my mattress. It is an Easman Grand Resort pillowtop and it is heaven. If you have the chance I strongly suggest you treat yourself to this incredible mattress.

  12. I was researching Oeko Tex certified materials and Certi-Pur-US. I came across Easman Mattress company in my search and luckily was able to find a dealer close by. I am very pleased with the comfort and support of this mattress. It is also nice knowing that it is free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

  13. I have never been this stoked about a mattress before. I have had some good ones over the years but this Easman Mattress from the Grand Resort Collection is heaven. My wife loves it and my back has never felt better.

  14. These are the best mattresses you can’t buy. I have had them for years and I just don’t have any issues. It seems like my friends are always replacing their mattresses and My Easman Mattress always holds up.

  15. /i had never heard of Easman before and was in the market for a new mattress because my Sterns and Foster was breaking down. /i found out about Easman Mattress company from a friend in the hospitality industry. Apparently a ton of hotels and resorts use them because they are built for commercial usage. I love mine. It is a Grand Millenium model. It has really held up well.

  16. I bought an Easman Mattress after my chiropractor told me about them. I had a Stearns & Foster and it was good but this Grand Resort mattress is awesome. My back has never felt this good in the morning.

  17. I have had my Easman Mattress now for 8 years and it is still in phenomenal shape. I am about to purchase my mother one for Christmas. Thanks Hypatir for the awesome review and recommendation.


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