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OK, so my husband has been wearing his watch on a regular basis.  No big deal right?  Well the watch doesn’t work, because it needs a battery.  Yet, he still wears it.  I asked him why, and he said that no one will change it for under a hundred dollars.  That’s right, $100.  All of the places at the mall, change batteries for $15, yet they say due to the brand it would be $125 for his.  That’s why he hasn’t taken care of it.  I guess I can understand that.

Well, I got tired of seeing him wear a watch that didn’t tell time.  OK, so I got tired of him being late for dinner, so I tried Bell Jewelers.  Not only were they willing to work on the watch, they only charge me $5. In addition to the battery, they provided great service.

Thank you

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  1. Well this place helped me slam dunk it for my wife’s Christmas gift. I had never even heard of chocolate diamonds before. They recommended it and she melted. Pun intended.

  2. I bought a Rolex Sub here. It has been a great time piece and they have been phenomenal as far as servicing goes. I’ll be back to get the yacht master one day.

  3. The best place to buy a Rolex. Period.

  4. I bought my wife the most beautiful saphire ring here. It is her favorite piece and I will shop here again for sure.

  5. I love Bell Jewelers! They have a great staff and beautiful inventory of jewelry 🙂

  6. I love the wide variety of jewelry they have. My husband usually gets me something special for our anniverary here.

  7. When I bought my first Rolex I went to Bell because I had heard great things. They had a nice gallery selection and the sales lady helped direct me to the right size. I still have that watch and highly recommend this store.


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