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Every Christmas my wife likes to go to the Opry Hotel and look at the lights, so this year I thought I would do something special for her, and I booked a room for the weekend.  We stayed in the Delta area, and had a great view of the indoor court yard.  It was a little expensive, but it was well worth it.  She was so happy.

The lights were beautiful, and the room was very nice.  We stayed for two nights, and never left the hotel. We ate at the restaurants on property, and even got to see some live music at one of the bars.  It was so much nicer to stay there, and not be rushed.

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  1. Hypstir Subscriber

    This is the coolest hotel in Nashville by far! I also really enjoyed the mattress and the guy at the front desk said that they were Jamison mattresses. Just like the ones in the Marriott Hotel. I researched a local company that sells them for close out prices. Mattress Galllery Direct had them half the retail price and even shipped to my home. I got it 2 days after I left Nashville. How cool is that?!!!

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    The Opry Hotel has a ton of really fantastic places to eat. It would take a week to eat at all of the great spots.

  3. This is the coolest hotel I have ever stayed in. The mattress was very comfortable as well. I even asked the front desk about the mattress and they said it is a Resort Collection. When we got home we went to a local Mattress Gallery and had them to direct us to the Resort mattresses. Got a great deal.

  4. Hypstir Subscriber

    The price is high but totally worth it!! The atmosphere is incredible. You will for get that you are indoors.

  5. I live in Nashville and I take my kids once a year to stay at the Opry Hotel even though I live 10 min. away. It is a great place to get away with the family without leaving town.


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