Mimi’s Cafe


I had a chance to have lunch with my daughter, my little princes.  She wanted to go to Mimi’s Cafe where she ate on her date with mommy.  How am I to argue.  Mimi’s Cage it was… I had never been there before.  It was pretty slow that day, so we got right in.  The hostess sat us, where the princes requested of course.

The server was nice, and made sure to treat my little girl like the adult she thinks she is.  The server made some suggestions, and brought us our drinks.  It didn’t take long for the food to come out, and it was very good.

A great place for a daddy daughter date.

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  1. They have a surprisingly good Newyork strip steak. Not too expensive and very tasty.

  2. I could eat breakfast here everyday.

  3. I could eat breakfast here everyday. Try the blueberry muffin. Incredible!

  4. The muffins they have for breakfast here are amazingly good. Try the low fat blue berry.

  5. I love this place. Food is great and servers are nice.

  6. Mimi’s Cafe has been a staple in our family for Friday night fun. We have been going since our son was born so it is a special place for us. The breakfast is great as well😄

  7. I love the breakfast at Mimis Cafe. They have the best seasonal muffins. I love how they come out hot. The dinner is pretty good as well.


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