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I had a chance to stay at the Ritz Carlton on a business trip to New York, and hoped on the next flight.  Yes, I had to go to a conference, and attend a couple of meetings, but that’s a small price to pay for a trip to NY.  Not to mention a chance to stay at the Ritz.  I have never had a chance to stay anywhere this nice, let alone a hotel.

I had a chance to check out Times Square and Lady Liberty, but the highlight of this trip was the hotel and it’s comforts.  Most of all the bed…  Let me tell you I slept like a baby.  Never better in my life.  I asked the front dest what brand the mattress was, and they told me that it was the Englander Resort and Hotel Collection.  Apparently a commercial grade mattress for hotels and hospitality.  Either way, I’m sold.  I know what my next mattress purchase will be.

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    We bought our Atlantis Resort Collection mattress a few months ago form Englander. We have been very impressed with this mattress. To be honest we really didn’t know what to expect because we had never heard of this brand before. One of our friends bought the same mattress last year and spoke very highly of it so we rolled the dice and ordered the same model. Our old mattress was worn out and just shot. The Englander Atlantis is probably the most comfortable mattress we have ever bought.

  2. Englander mattresses are all I will buy. I have had other brands but Englander has always lasted longer and remained comfortable long after other brands usually start having issues. I just bought my parents one of the Resort Collection Hybrid models. My dad has back and shoulder problems so I got an adjustable base with it as well. They both absolutely love their new Englander mattress.

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    I just replaced my 22 year old Englander set with the Atlantis Resort. My wife and I was so pleased with how well the other one performed we didn’t even consider a different brand. Every one of our friends that we have recommended Englander to have all been super happy with theirs.

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    I just bought my Englander mattress and will be having it delivered tomorrow. After reading the great reviews I am really excited to give it try. I will do a follow up review after I catch some Zzz on it.

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    My back has felt Great since I purchased the Carlton Cashmere mattress by Englander resort collection. My husband and I have been on the search for a new mattresses it seems like forever. I wanted to make sure I made the right choice before making the final purchase so we tried every brand we could. The Englander mattresses just felt the best and had the better warranty.

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    I bought an Englander Resort and Hotel mattress many years ago direct from the factory. I love may mattress and wouldn’t give it up for anything. I live in Huntsville Al. and I’m wondering if anyone knows of a place to order these online because I’m needing to get one for my mother in law. If you do please respond to my comment. Thanks in advance.

  7. I love my Englander mattress. My mom and dad always told me that you get what you pay for. I learned that lesson the hard way a few times. When I decided to get shop for a new mattress I made sure to do plenty of brand research and read tons of reviews. After a considerable amount of shopping from store to store I decided to buy an Englander Resort mattress. I was impressed with the level of care they took to make sure that there are little to no harmful chemicals in the mattress materials. This is huge for me because I suffer from allergies. I also thought that the 20 year warranty option was notable considering other brands I had researched only offered 10. All in all I feel I made a very wise purchase. The comfort is great. Even though this was by far more expensive than other models I felt that the Resort Collection by Englander offered the best overall value regardless of cost.

  8. Superior quality! I use to manufacture furniture and I know a good quality piece when I see one. I was drawn to the Englander Resort Collection because of their history of build top notch commercial grade bedding. I remember when Englander was owned by Lazy boy and they were some of the finest mattresses you could buy. We have a local mattress store that carries the Resort & Hotel series and we bought one a few weeks ago. I am still amazed at the quality and workman ship involved in the building of these products. If you can afford one I would highly recommend getting one.

  9. I had the hardest time finding a brand that had Latex rubber. I have severe allergies to dust mites and Latex is antimicrobial and dust mite resistant. I was doing some research and found a local mattress store that had a large showroom with several hypoallergenic options. The most comfortable by far was the Englander Resort Collection latex hybrid mattresses. I tried some many comfortable beds but kept going back to the Carlton Cashmere model. I am very pleased with the quality of my new Englander mattress.

  10. I am interested in the Latex Englander mattresses. Unfortunately we don’t have any boutique mattress store in the area. Everyone just has the same few brands. I might have to order one site unseen. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a medium firm Latex model. It doesn’t have to be one of the hotel ones. I’m just looking for a good quality mattress with a lot of support and I’ve heard that Englander makes some of the most durable mattresses. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  11. The Carlton Cashmere mattress by Englander is amazing! We have been looking for a real luxury hotel or resort style mattress ever since we slept so well on our Jamaican honeymoon. We couldn’t find a tag on the mattress to see what kind it was but we researched resort and hotel bedding online and found a local englander shop. The Carlton mattress felt the most like our honeymoon bed.

  12. I have been telling people about Englander beds for years. The best two mattresses I ever owned were Englander Resort series mattresses. I usually spend a little extra on furniture and home goods. I want good quality that I won’t have to replace very often. The Englander mattresses cost a bit more than your average mattress but in my opinion well worth the extra. They warranty the product for double what other companies do. That should tell you something about the level of quality you are working with. The comfort is always right on time as well.

  13. We love our new Englander mattress. We bought the Resort Collection basin park series. It has a plush firm comfort and plenty of support. My chiropractor actually recommended this specific mattress and I’m glad he did. It is Awesome!

  14. I use to work for the Englander mattress company many years ago. I would say that very few American made bedding products even come close to being as well made as these mattresses. Even though I don’t work for them anymore I still buy their products exclusively. As a matter of fact I just purchased a brand new Englander Resort Collection Carlton Cashmere mattress. Easily the most comfortable sleep I have ever had.

  15. All I can say is WOW! You really don’t know a good nights sleep until you have curled up into a cozy Englander mattress. We paid a ton of money for our Grand Chateau Resort Collection bed and to be honest after sleeping on it I would have paid double. The difference you feel waking up in the morning after a real great nights rest is something that is hard to describe. Pure satisfaction.

  16. Doing a follow up review. We have now been on our Englander Resort Collection mattress for 3 months and it is still awesome. We comment almost every night about how glad we are that we made this purchase. Hope our experience has helped you in your research.

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    We bought a new Atlantis Aloe mattress by Englander and have been blown away by how comfortable and supportive it has been. We loved the idea that they are used in luxury resorts and hotels. Usually when we would go on vacation we always noticed the mattresses were way more comfortable than the old one. Now we sleep like we are on vacation every single night! Yay!

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    I was shopping for a new Latex mattress and came across the Englander Resort series mattresses. Apparently they were the first mattress company to ever make Latex beds in the 1930s. I’m sure there are a lot of great latex products on the market but buying one from the company that invented latex mattresses seemed like a neat idea. I love that they use all natural latex that is OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified. I try to limit the amount of chemicals that I bring into my home. Not the easiest thing to do but I figured that investing in a non toxic mattress hat I will be sleeping on for many years would be a good idea. My new Latex 1000 Englander mattress is being delivered this afternoon and I can’t wait to sleep on it.

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    Englander Resort Collection is my new favorite mattress brand. My sister in law told me about her new Atlantis mattress by Englander and how much it has made a difference for her and my brother as far as back pain goes. I decided to go check them out because I typically have back pain most mornings. I tried several of the Resort beds and decided to buy the Grand Chateau model. It has been incredible.

  20. I am excited to tell you that I just got my Englander Resort Collection mattress delivered yesterday and last night I slept so good. I was researching mattress brands that use organic fibers like cotton, cashmere, soy based padding and bio foams. Englander is apparently the leading company worldwide for natural mattresses. I am happy to have a non toxic furniture piece in my home that is so comfortable. I bought the Atlantis Aloe for my master and the Basin Park Plush for my son. He loves his as well.

  21. Woop Woop! I just got my new Englander Resort Collection Mattress delivered. This thing is amazing. It is probably the nicest item in my home. It is the Grand Chateau Silk that I have slept on when on vacation. I was able to research the mode and find a dealer that could ship Englander directly to my home. I cant wait to break this bad boy in and catch some Zzzz.

  22. I have researched Casper mattress and Saatva online for a few weeks. My research led me to The Mattress Expert blog online and I found out about Englander Resort and Hotel Collection. I was able to buy my favorite hotel mattress that I sleep on when I’m out of town. We have been extremely happy with ours.

  23. You can keep replacing you standard mattress every 8 years or do like I do and get an Englander Resort Collection mattress. Theses are built for commercial use so that you get an extended life out of them. Most Englander mattresses come with a 15-20 year warranty. I went all out and bought the best. I have the Carlton Cashmere with a 20 year warranty non prorated. This bed is amazing. It has Cashmere wool, Organic Cotton, Memoryfoam with soy based foam. Non toxic and amazingly comfortable. You should check this bed out.

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    I have purchased several different brands of mattresses in the past. The best mattress I ever had was a latex mattress by Englander. I researched the brand and found Mattress Gallery Direct in Franklin Tn. that had a wide selection of Englander mattresses. I purchased a Resort Collection Englander Hybrid with coils, Latex, Memoryfoam and organic cotton and New Zealand wool. I feels very much like the one I had previously that lasted 15 years. I cant wait to have it delivered tomorrow.

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    I excited to say that I just bought my first Englander mattress and box springs. I graduated from Vanderbilt in Nashville Tn. a finally on my own. The first thing I wanted to do is invest in a good quality mattress. The dorms at college were terrible and I promised myself that I would invest in the best mattress money could buy once I got out and was earning enough to justify the purchase. I bought the Basin Park Plush mattress in the Resort Collection. Unbelievably comfortable.

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    I have the Carlton Cashmere Englander Resort Collection mattress. Fantastic support. Great comfort. And my wife is happy and you can’t beat that!

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    Its neat that they have been in business for over 100 years. I bought one and had never even heard of them until my friend got back from vacation and was bragging about the mattress she slept on. I found a dealer in Atlanta which is very close to me and was able to get the same one my friend was bragging about. It has been wonderful. Look who’s bragging now 😉

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    My experience with these mattresses has been consistent with the rest of these reviews. I have been very pleased.

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    If you want a high end quality of sleep look no further than Resort Collection by Englander mattress company. They use the finest natural material such as organic cotton, New Zealand wool,Canadian spruce and soy based foam with all of the non toxic certification credentials. Great company!

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    If you want a high end quality of sleep look no further than Resort Collection by Englander mattress company. They use the finest natural material such as organic cotton, New Zealand wool,Canadian spruce and soy based foam with all of the non toxic certification credentials. Great company! Great value!

  31. I bought a commercial grade Englander mattress 18 years ago and it is now time to replace. I was happy to find that they still make the same model in the Resort Collection. I bought a new one and am excited to get another 18 years out this bad boy!

  32. Just stayed at a Hilton that had one of these Englander Hotel and Resort mattresses and all I can say is WOW! It has been a long time since I slept that well. I even ordered the same model from a company in Murfreesboro Tn. that sells the Resort Collection. They had a nice gallery with direct prices and had the ability to ship within 5 days. Yay! I’m so excited.

  33. Cant wait to sleep like a baby. Just bought a Roosevelt Pillowtop in Murfreesboro Tn. at a store that sells Englander Resort and Hotel Collection mattresses. It is being delivered this afternoon. Ill be doing a follow up review after I sleep on it tonight.

    1. Hypstir Subscriber

      We just bought one as well yesterday. Same place. Two adjustable bases. Two twin xl mattresses. Size of a king. Fingers crossed. Hope we like it. Good luck to ya.

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    I have slept on many Englander Resort Collection mattresses over the years because of my travels for work. I always sleep best in hotels that use the Englander mattress. I even purchased one for my home. I bought the Grand Chateau Silk pillowtop. Best sleep you’ll ever get.

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    I am so great full that I as able to find an Englander Resort Collection dealer in the Nashville area. From what I understand they are hard to come by because of being more of a commercial grade item. A friend of mine hooked me up with a contact and in no time I was sleeping on an Englander Basin Park Plush model. It is HEAVEN!

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    I have been researching commercial grade mattresses for a while now. Due to my size I have to make sure I go the extra mile as far as durability is concerned. A friend of mine works for a really nice resort chain and told me about the Englander Resort Collection mattresses that they use. I was blown away by the quality. It makes sense that they would use better quality mattresses in resoerts and hotels because of the constant usage. I bought the Basin Park Plush series and it is very comfortable and the support is substantial.

  37. I have been researching Mattresses for a good while to select the right one for my wife and I. My chiropractor was kind enough to make a recommendation of a brand I was not aware of. Luckily the Englander Resort Collection that he recommended was available at a local Mattress store. The first thing i noticed was the price. pretty high I thought until I tried it. OMG. It was amazing. I got a great deal on interest free payment program and pulled the trigger. It has been fantastic to say the least.

  38. I have had several brands from Stearns and Foster to E.S Kluft. By far the most comfortable mattress has been the Basin Park Englander Resort Collection. There is a massive difference in the back support level of this mattress as compared to the other brands. I have been very happy with mine.

  39. I’m not one to brag…….. But LOL This Englander Resort Collection mattress is no joke. I was a little reserved about spending over 4K for a mattress. My first car when I was 16 cost less. I have had issues with my hip and my chiropractor told me to get a new mattress. He recommended the Englander because of the posture back support zone that they use. Anyway it is incredible.

  40. I bought an Englander Resort Collection mattress several years ago. I am now upgrading to a king size and I’m positive I want another Englander. I’m not sure which one though. I’ve narrowed it down to the Basin Park Plush, Grand Chateau Silk or the Atlantis aloe. Any thoughts?

  41. I first heard about the Englander Resort Collection on vacation. I was staying in a really nice hotel on New York and the mattress was unbelievable. I asked the guy at the front desk and he told me it was an Englander. I ordered the same model online and it has been incredible!

  42. I have owned several high end mattresses before however nothing has compared to my Resort Collection by Englander. I bought the Atlantis Aloe Pillowtop because my back has been bothering me lately. It would only bother me in the morning so I figured it was time to replace my 5 year old Serta. I am thrilled to report that my back has not hurt once in the past 3 weeks since I got my new mattress. It has a back support zone and I really think it is making all the difference.

  43. My chyropractor told me about Englander Resort Mattresses. They have a whole collection of commercial grade mattresses with special features for spinal alignment. I bought the TriBeCa Englander it’s firm and very supportive.

  44. I bought the Englander Resort Collection Grang Chateau. This mattress is amazing. It was pretty costly but you get what you pay for. Only this time I feel I got a lot more than what I paid for. Very luxurious.

  45. I bought an Englander Resort Collection mattress last month. My chyropractor told me about this brand because the use a support zone center. This has helped my back big time. It is the Basin Park Plush model. Hope this review helps.


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