I don’t really care about the bigger companies to much, but today I had an experience with AT&T in Murfreesboro, TN that’s worth talking about.  My wife and I have have had service with them for some time now…  2 phones and 2 tablets.  At first things seemed fine, but over time it feels as if our bill has increased.  Worst yet, it feels as if our service plan has decreased.  It has gotten so bad, that my wife is paying close attention to the commercials of their competitors.  You know unlimited data for $45 dollars a line.  Well, in order to keep the wife happy, I decided to check out the competitors.  First off, Verizon.  The rep was rude, and the service was very misleading.  It wasn’t even worth sticking around for.  Next Sprint.  They were nicer for the most part, and they had some pretty good deals.  Then back to AT&T to see if they could update the plan.  After a long wait I spoke to a sales rep that was very nice, but couldn’t help.  I decided to go with sprint, and a friend recommended that I talk to the people at the AT&T store in Murfreesboro.  I stopped by there today, and they were great.  Very friendly and very informative.  They were able to upgrade my service to an unlimited plan, and lower my bill.  It is not as low as what sprint offered, but they were much nicer and provided better service… We have a winner.

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  1. I just saved a ton of money switching from Comcast over to AT&T streaming. We were paying so much money for channels that we never use and now we just buy individual episodes when we want to watch something specific. We are still saving 70% of what we were paying comcast and are totally satisfied.


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