Ascend Adjustable Base


I have always been a fan of the Glideaway product line.  Their product base consist of a wide range of products from bed frames and headboards to some of the best pillows and mattress protectors available anywhere.  I am always excited to check out the Glideaway booth in Vegas and I know that there is always some new product that I will really enjoy checking out. I new that they had been working on uping their Adjustable Base game but nothing prepared my for what they where about to unleash this year.

The Ascend Base looks like a lot like many of the bases available on todays market.  It is beautifully upholstered and can be used as a stand alone piece or with any existing furniture you may have.  I check out all the normal up and down functions and found it to be one of the smoothest and quietest bases I have ever demoed.   I was impressed but it wasnt until I noticed a button on the remote that I had never seen before on any base.  I asked Kevin, the Glideaway design guru, what it did and his answer blew my mind.  Before I tell you what it was I’m going to back up and tell you the one thing that has always bothered my about adjustable bases.  The average power base on the market has many benefits both health and sleep related but it only really works for the back sleeper.  It is near impossible to sleep on your side when the base is adjusted.  The Ascend however is able to lift in a slanted position.  That means a sleeper can sleep on his side and elevate the mattress into a slanted position allowing him sleep with his head elevated.  This means relief from acid reflux and sleep apnea is available.  It can also adjust to aslant in a regular adjusted position.  This is a game changer.  At this point the Ascend is the only base that has this capability.  Congratulations to Glideaway for changing the adjustable base market forever.  If you have always wanted to experience an adjustable base but couldnt because you where a side a side sleeper you owe it to yourself and your health to get one of these ad boys.

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