Wellsville by Malouf

Wellsville by Malouf

Everyone has heard of Tempur-pedic but what you may not know is that Memory Foam was not invented by them. Memory Foam was developed by the European Space Program way back in the 1960s. Tempur-pedic is the company that brought the technology to the U.S market. Even though they are the most recognizable name in the United States there are other European Versions that are just as popular across the pond. That brings me to a company called Wellsville by Malouf. The Malouf mattresses are some of the top selling GEL Memory Foam mattresses in Europe. They are delicately crafted in Spain using only the highest quality materials. Each mattress carries a Certi-Pur Certification. This helps consumers feel great about their purchase knowing their mattress is free of several harmful chemicals and toxins found in other brands. Let us know what you think about your Wellsville by Malouf mattress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlFl1nKQ6SE&t=6s


  1. Hypstir Subcriber

    I don’t understand why Wellsville isn’t the #1 sold memory foam mattress on the market. I has to have something to do with advertising. I had one of the other brands that you see advertised all over the place and it only lasted about 6 months. My Wellsville has held up perfect for the last 2 years. I love it.

  2. Hypstir Subcriber

    I love my Wellsville Hybrid mattress. I tried coil mattress and I tried all foam mattresses and while they were good I never really was blown away by any of them. My friend who works at a mattress gallery told me that a hybrid might be what the doctor ordered. He was right. It has everything I liked about the other mattress and none of the things I didn’t like. I tried about 5 different brands and the Wellsville by Malouf really grabbed me. I already was a fan of the Malouf linens and now I am a fan of their mattresses.

  3. Malouf’s Wellsville mattresses are the only way to go. You could pay double or more for the T brand memory foam but let met tell you. I have had both and the Wellsville WE 11″ is by far the better of the two. Save time and save your money by going with the Wellsville.

  4. I had never even heard of this brand before. I was originally thinking I would buy a Tempurpedic mattress but then I stumbled upon the Wellsville 14″ Gel mattress by Malouf. It is suspiciously comfortable. LoL. I guess they found the perfect formula of memory foam, gel, and what ever else they are using because this mattress is seriously more comfortable than any that I have ever tried. I was about the same price as the Tempurpedic so I figured I might as well get what feels the best If I’m going to spend this much.

  5. The Wellsville by Malouf hybrid collection has gained a lot of traction in a segment of the market that has become over saturated. With all the noise out there in the market these mattresses have gained a significant portion of the sales. I believe that this is do to the great feel of the Gel Memory Foam and Latex that these folks produce. Malouf has taken the foams from the popular all foam line of WE 8, WE11 and WE14 and paired it with the pocket coil. I have said in the past that I believe that the pocket coil is crucial to the successful design of a hybrid. If the foams are not paired with the right coil design then the foam can not perform like it should. Kudos to Everybody at Malouf for taking the high road when it comes to the design of their hybrids. The pocket coil is not always the cheapest way to build a mattress but it is the best.

  6. Malouf has added the Isolus line of toppers to their ever popular Wellsville brand. Now you can get a taste of the Wellsville by Malouf mattress lineup at a fraction of the cost. Of course nothing replaces the experience of a WE mattress but if the budget is light or your current mattress has a few good years left you can enhance it with an awesome topper. There are several options: Gel Memory Foam, Gel Latex, Down Alternative, Memory Foam and Gel. These killer toppers are know available at Malouf and Wellsville retailers.

  7. When you are in the market for a new mattress consider this. 40% of all mattresses are returned when bought with out a in store test. That does not mean that 40% of mattresses are bad it means that it is easy to pick a model that does not suit you if you cant try it. These 40% are unable to be sold as new. All these returns are driving up the cost of mattresses. The reason I am writing this in this section is because I have seen Wellsville by Malouf for sale online. While it may seem like a time saver to buy online remember that in a store you can really get a feel for the difference in the models. You really need to try the Hybrids and the All Foam side by side. The WE 8″ and the We 14″ are very different feels and it would be easy to pick the wrong one for you if all have is a description.

    Also it is good to support local businesses when you can.

  8. Sorry for the short hiatus. I have been so busy that my lap top had an inch of dust on it from not being used. Today I am here to say that this years Vegas show lived up to all the hype.There are many great things coming down the pike from our friends at Malouf and their Wellsville line. At the moment I can’t go into specifics because the products have not been introduced to the market yet. I can say that the world of Gel Memory Foam and Latex is about to turned on its head. That includes the all foam and hybrid. I will let you know as soon as they give me the go ahead.

  9. I want to give a shout out to my friends at Malouf. They are really rolling out the Red Carpet for yours truly in Vegas. I have been invited to visit them at there private booth and get a meal from there private chef. That’s right. These folks really know how to High Roll. More importantly I am getting a private viewing of the complete Wellsville by Malouf line. Gel foam as far as the eye can see. Hybrids and All Foam mattresses with Gel Memory Foam and Latex. are my jam. I am also going to check out all the new pillow options. They have a line that is infused with essential oils. I may not come home. Anybody know about the Real Estate trends in Las Vegas? LOL.

  10. The more I hear about the Malouf and Wellsville booth in Vegas this year the more excited I get. I will give updates on a daily bases. Keep checking back.

  11. Viva Las Vegas!!!! Here I come. Its that time of year again and this years trip is very promising. My first day itinerary includes a trip to Maloufs’s booth. Not only will I get to check out their latest products in the bedding and topper line I also get to see what they have done with the Wellsville by Malouf line up. They have made a few changes to the all foam Gel Memory mattresses and the Gel Hybrid collection. The word on the street is that they are going to add an all natural latex collection. If that is true I expect that it is going to turn a lot heads in the all natural bedding market.


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