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I am always shocked when people say “I have never heard of Englander”. They are one of the oldest American made mattress manufactures and have a pretty cool story. Started by the late Max Englander of New York in 1894, a small boutique bedding maker, he quickly realized that his unique hand crafted methods would bring a pretty penny. With the growing need for high quality furniture he quickly became a household name in the bedding and furniture industry. As a matter of fact until the 1960’s Englander was the top bedding maker in the country. As the bedding market grew and new manufactures developed cost cutting methods, Englander decided to stick to their roots and continue hand crafting mattresses with advanced materials combined with old world craftmanship. You won’t find an Englander dealer on every corner but just like anything of immense value, you have to seek them out.  Fortunately with the internet making the world smaller everyday, you can have full access to this special line of bedding products easier than ever before. They have a wide variety of mattress collections including: The Hotel Collection. The Resort Collection, Latex Hybrid Series, Egel Series, Lady Englander just to name a few. Feel free to comment below with any questions or comments you have about Englander mattresses. Please give this page a star rating to let us know how we are doing.


  1. We bought an Aloe Atlantis by Englander and it is so amazing. It is soft with a cooling gel that is nice. Our chiropractor told us about Englander mattresses so we read some reviews and did a little research. We decided the Aloe Atlantis model was the right one. So far it has been Great!

  2. I recently found out about the Englander Resort Collection mattresses from my Chiropractor. I have suffered from lower back pain for many years. Luckily I was able to find a dealer which as I understand isn’t very easy to do. I had to drive about an hour away. All I can say is that this mattress is a life saver. I never thought I’d ever get a great nights sleep but Englander Resort Collection proved me wrong. I bought the Basin Park Plush series if that helps.

  3. I am so excited to have my Englander mattress delivered this week. I have been sleeping on an air mattress for a couple of months during the move. So ready to get a great nights rest. It will be like sleeping in a resort every night.

  4. I have an Englander Resort Collection mattress and it’s really like sleeping at a fancy resort. I wake up feeling great every morning ever since I’ve owned this Englander mattress. Don’t think I’ll ever buy anything else.

  5. My last two mattresses have been Englander Resort Collection models. They are the most comfortable beds. We have one in our master bedroom and guestroom. All of our guests rave about the mattress.

  6. This is the first review I have ever written about anything. I am so impressed with the Englander Resort Collection I had to say something. I don’t think these guys get enough credit. I have had some really expensive mattresses over the years and the Resort Collection is the cream of the crop. I cant explain how happy I am with this purchase. After trying several models I decided that the Elite Pillow Top. The cooling gel really works and my back feels so much better I have started running again.

  7. Hypstir Subcriber

    I love my Englander Resort Collection Basin Park. It has exceeded all my expectations. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. 100% WORTH EVERY PENNY.

  8. Hypstir Subcriber

    There is an Englander factory in the town that I grew up in so I thought everybody knew who they were. I was surprised to learn that outside of that area they can be hard to come by. I found this out now that I moved away and was in need of a new mattress. After some serious searching I found a store that carried them a couple of towns over. I got a great deal on the Grand Chateau Resort mattress.

  9. I love my Englander Resort and Hotel Collection mattress so much I have made it my mission to spread the word about these awesome mattresses. I can’t understand why they are so hard to find. I have the Resort Atlantis and it has been the best mattress I have ever had. I can’t explain what a deference it has made in my life. I know it sounds crazy but until I got the Atlantis I never knew what true restorative sleep was.

  10. Hypstir Subcriber

    I had never heard of Englander Resort and Hotel mattresses until I went to a store the was having a sale. I have to that I was really impressed with all of the Englanders they had. My wife and I feel in love with the Basin Park Plush and we have been telling everyone we know about our experience. Even on sale this thing was not cheap bit I can say that it is worth every penny.

  11. We love our Englander mattress . I thought we would never find a mattress that me and my husband liked equally but the Atlantis Aloe really was a life saver. Neither one of us felt like we had to compromise. I am sleeping cooler because of the Gel Foam and my husband who has a real bad back has noticed a massive improvement.

  12. I purchased an Englander Elite Pillow Top from the Resort and Hotel Collection. I have to say that I am really pleased with it. I have not had much luck with mattresses over the years. The Englander seems to be something completely out of the ordinary. My back feels better than it ever has. I can say that it was some of the best money I have ever spent.

  13. We have the Cloud Pillow Top. It is part of the Resort and Hotel Collection. We hadn’t had much luck with the last couple of mattresses we purchased so we didn’t have hopes for this one. He have been so pleased with how this mattress has held up. It has been 5 years and there is no wear to speak of. The support has held up too. If you are tired of replacing your mattress every two or three years you owe it to yourself to get an Englander Resort and Hotel Collection mattress.

  14. When my back went out for the third time in two years my Chiropractor said it may be time to replace my mattress. I didn’t realize that it was 15 years old. He said that he personally has and recommends Englander Resort and Hotel Collection mattresses. He said that the way the coils are made and the gel memory foams and natural latex foams are perfect for people with back issues. I have had my Englander Grand Chateau for about a year now and with regular visits to my Chiropractor I can happily say that I have not had a major incident with my back the whole time.

  15. We have always bought Englander mattresses. My dad bought me my first Englander mattress when I graduated college. It was probably the nicest thing I owned at the time. He might have even paid more for it than I did my first car. Lol. It was one of the resort collection ones and I loved it. Now I’m married and the old full size had to be moved to the guest room. We researched online and was able to find one almost just like my old one. We bought the Basin Park Plush model in a king size and it is awesome!

  16. I was a little concerned about getting an Englander Resort Collection Mattress because I had never heard of Englander before. I am so happy that I did not let that hold me back. Our Atlantis Aloe Resort mattress has been the best mattress I have ever had. My wife and I are sleeping so much better and our backs are feeling like we are 20 years younger. If you are hesitating like did because Englander is a little under the radar I am here to tell you to take the plunge. You will not regret it.

  17. My last Englander mattress lasted 22 years. I made the mistake of getting one of those bed in a boxes and it lasted just after the return period. So 6 months later I went back to Englander and all it took was 4 days on my Resort and Hotel Collection Supreme Pillow Top to get me right again. I will never stray again. We love our Englander.


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