Edgewood Firm Englander Black Label

Edgewood Firm Englander Black Label

This is the Luxury cushion firm you’ve been waiting for. Finally a firm mattress that won’t break your back. The new Edgewood Frim Englander Black Label mattress has everything you want in a supportive luxury mattress on the firm side of things. To top it off they have a cooling cover that is not like anything we’ve felt before. Outstanding!


  1. Great mattress. Works great with our adjustable base we already had. Solid construction and sleeps cool. Highly recommend the Edgewood Firm mattress by Englander.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    We love our Edgewood Firm by Englander! Our last beautyrest mattress didn’t hold up like we thought it should so we went to check out different brands over the weekend. Sleep is so important to us because we both have physically straining jobs and value good sleep. The Edgewood has been great from the first night. We highly recommend this mattress.

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    Finally a firm mattress that is still comfortable. We have struggled for years trying to find the perfect firmness level with no luck until we bought the Edgewood Firm by Englander. This mattress is the perfect firmness level and still relives pressure points. It also has an unbelievably cool cover that has made my wife a happy lady. We strongly recommend this model.


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