Grand Bel-Aire Black Label Englander

Grand Westin By Englander

The new Black Label mattress collection by Englander is Awesome! We dug in and tried several of these new mattresses and this was our personal favorite. It is incredibly soft with plenty of support. The cooling fabric on the top is very unique. We give this mattress five stars all day long.


  1. We almost bought a Sealy Silver Chill mattress online because of the reviews. But we decided to stop by a mattress store to check one out. It felt great until we tried the Grand Bel-Aire Englander mattress. OMG! Most comfortable bed ever! It was even cooler than the silver chill model we had considered. Glad we went to a mattress store to try them before we made a purchase.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    We bought a Grand Bel-Aire Englander mattress and adjustable base for our 10th wedding anniversary. We got a new mattress when we first got married and it was time to replace it. We both work from home and wanted a well built mattress that could hold up under extra use incase we wanted to work from bed. I know that sounds lazy but I don’t care. Lol! Love the Englander mattress.

  3. The Grand Bel-Aire Black label mattress by Englander is so comfy! We shopped at several stores on labor day and even looked at all of the online deals. The Englander mattresses were just more comfortable than the other brands. There were a lot of good mattresses but nothing quite like the Grand Bel-Aire model. Very luxurious.

  4. I highly recommend the Englander mattress. We bought a Grand Bel-Aire cooling gel mattress last week end and it is amazing. We have been needing to replace our mattress for a while. Our old one was just shot. This mattress is phenomenal.

  5. Hypstir Subscriber

    We have been searching for a mattress that feels like the one we sleep on at the beach resort in Hilton Head. We researched hotel and resort mattress brands and came across Englander. Luckily we had an Englander dealer about a half hour from our home. We tried several models and they were all great. We ended up purchasing the Grand Bel-Aire by Englander Resort Collection. It was the one most like the beach resort. Feels great and sleeps super cool.


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