Best Mattress For Back Problems

Best Mattress For Back Problems

I get this question a lot. What’s the Best Mattress For Back Problems? It’s a great question because so many people suffer from sleep related back pain. There is nothing worse than investing hard earned money in an expensive mattress, only to wake up with your back hurting. In my experience, I have always favored the Wrapped Coil system. Most Hybrid mattresses these days have a Wrapped Coil system with premium support foam on top. Here is a great video about the Wrapped Coil system and why it is vital if you are looking for better back support.

Here are some features to look out for when shopping for the Best Mattress For Back Problems

  • Wrapped Coils (also known as Pocketed Coils)
  • Cooling Gel (Pressure Relieving Material)
  • Air Flow Memory Foam
  • Posturized Support Zone (Firmer Coils in the Center)
  • Natural or Organic Latex

These are just a few of the Chiropractor recommended materials that have been time tested for durability and back support. Leave a comment below about the video or if you have had an experience with any of these unique materials.

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