Legendaire Cotton Sail Pillowtop Mattress

Cotton Sail Pillowtop Legendaire Review

The pillowtop mattress has been around for a long time. There are several good quality Pillowtop mattresses on the market and then there are the ones that really stand out. The Cotton Sail Pillowtop by Legendaire is one of the classics. At Hypstir we appreciate attention to detail and this model has it all. Soft where you want it. Support where you need it. It’s no wonder why top 5 Star Resorts & Hotels choose their family of luxury brands to accommodate their guests. The support core of the Cotton Sail Pillowtop mattress stands out over other pillow tops on the market. With their proprietary blend of comfort layers and cooling technology, this could be a mattress you’ll enjoy for many years.


  1. I do a lot of traveling for work, and my company always puts me up in nice hotels, and I’ve been trying to find what kind of mattresses these resorts use because I always get the best night’s sleep in those upscale hotels. So once I stumbled across Legendaire and found out that they supply many of those hotels, I knew I had to buy one. I ended up going with the Cotton Sail Pillowtop Legendaire mattress, seeing that my wife loves pillow tops. And all I can is WOW, this mattress is the most comfortable mattress my wife and I have ever had!

  2. This is my second Legendaire mattress I have purchased. The first one was a queen size pillowtop about 10 years ago and I really liked it. The comfort was consistent. Never had any problems out of it. My husband and I decided to upgrade to a King size and we bought the Cotton Sail Pillowtop Legendaire mattress. It is very similar to my last one but they have added the cooling Gel feature that is awesome. This is a great mattress for side sleepers. Really good support on the hips and shoulders.

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    I love my new Cotton Sail Pillow top mattress made by Legendaire. I travel for work and always sleep better in hotels than I do at home so I decided to buy a hotel quality mattress for my home. I researched the best hotel mattresses and came across several Legendaire mattress reviews. I ordered the Cotton Sail Pillow top online and it has been Great!

  4. Hypstir Subscriber

    I just got my Cotton Sail Pillow top Legendaire mattress delivered! I am so excited to sleep in it tonight.

  5. Hypstir Subscriber

    OMG! This mattress is Amazing. I never realized how bad our old mattress was until we got the Cotton Sail Pillowtop Legendaire mattress. It really does feel like a luxury resort mattress. We have slept in some nice hotels over the years and this mattress feels just like them. I tend to sleep hot but not on this mattress. I haven’t been waking up hot and my husband says his back isn’t hurting in the morning like it was starting to do on the old mattress.


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