BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse


A group of friends and myself where looking for a new place to go out and eat. We all have heard a lot of good things about BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Murfreesboro, TN so we decided to try it out. We were immediately greeted by the hostess and were taken to a table. Our waiter came soon after we sat down. We all ordered a drink from the bar and got it rather quickly. We asked the waiter for more time as we have never been here and there are a lot of choices on the menu. When he came back he was joking with us and cutting up. You could tell he enjoyed his job. The restaurant had TVs with different games playing so don’t have to miss your team play. It was clean and very comfortable environment. Our food was hot and the way we ordered. I know that we will be back there again soon.

I give it 5 stars…  What do you give it?

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