Five 0 Sedan and Limousine


It’s not often that I get to ride around in style, but the past weekend I had the chance.  I was taking my wife out for an anniversary surprise.  The surprise being the our anniversary was in October, and it’s now November.  Opps!  Still, we were hitting the town.  I didn’t want us to worry about driving, parking, etc., so I called a car service.  I looked online, and found Five 0 Sedan and Limousine.  A smaller company out of Murfreesboro, TN, with the charm of the south.  I spoke to a rep named Rudy, who was more than happy to listen to my needs and concerns.  He made sure that we got the exact vehicle to fit our needs.

The driver (Jay) called to let me know when he was in route, and that he was on schedule.  He told me to take my time, and he would wait.  Jay actually showed up 15 minutes early, and stood beside the care while we finished getting ready.  When we came out, he opened the door for us and catered to us from that point on.  It was an amazing experience.

Thank you Jay, Rudy, and Five 0 for an amazing night out.  My wife and I really appreciate it.

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  1. They are awesome. You will be glad you used them.

  2. Best Place around. Check them out.

  3. I love this company. They are awesome!!!!


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