So, I have used Uber before, but I have never used Lyft.  I had a friend who gave me a promo code good for a free ride, so I figured why not.  The app was easy to use, and only took a minute or two to set-up.  I was going downtown to a hockey game, and didn’t want to fight the traffic or pay for parking.  My friend and I parked a few blocks away, and used the app.  It was very simple, and within minutes there was a driver there for us.  He was very nice, and a lot more laid back then my Uber experience.  He got us to the game right on time, and even took a side road to avoid the traffic.  He was great, and the so was the experience.

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  1. The driver was really nice and had a clean car. I prefer this over uber any day.

  2. That was interesting. I’d do it again.

  3. I drive for lyft and I have to say it is a fun way to make extra dough. I get to meet interesting people and be on the go. Fits my style perfectly😄

  4. This was a neat experience. I even have a car I just wanted to see what it is like to do this. Very fun 🙂

  5. I had a good overall experience with Lyft. Nice driver. Car was clean. I’d do it again.


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