Twin Peaks


I took one of my employees to lunch today at Twin Peaks in Cools Springs.  It was a cool looking building, designed to look like a lodge.  We walked in to a very nice hostess that seated us in a booth near the bar, so that we could see the TVs.  The were filled with all of the games.  All of the waitresses were dressed like lumber jacks, it seamed to be the team.  It was pretty cool.  Our waitress was very nice, and made a few suggestions.  We didn’t take any, but it was nice of her to offer.

We started with some cheese bites.  Yes, bites.  They were actually pretty good.  He got a burger, and I got the wings.  Overall the food was good, and there were plenty of other options that I will go back to try.

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  1. Not sure why but the beer is unbelievably cold. Great food too😄

  2. The food is ok. The view is fantabulous!

  3. I had a great time. We had a company Christmas party here and I am going to go back very soon!

  4. I agree. This place is awesome!! Great food and hot waitresses!! A+ experience all the way around!

  5. I thought it was a lot better than hooters. The beer was curiously cold 😀


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