Hattie B’s


Let me tell you, if you can put up with a line for days…  This is the place to be.  I guess I should add…  If you don’t mind having your face blown off.  Hattie B’s is still fairly new, I’m guessing the line will die down after the newness wears off.  However, it was worth the wait.  Granite my friends and I are college students, so we don’t have much else to do.  We had a blast, and the food was great.  We will be going back.

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  1. Great home cookin at an unbeatable price!

  2. I am in love with this place. Great review! Thanks for spreading the good word.

  3. The chicken is finger lickin! I’m glad I found out about this place.

  4. This place is the bomb. Check it out!


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