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My wife and I went downtown for a business dinner last Saturday, and decided to stay the night and be a tourist for the night.  We chose to spend the night at the Hilton.  It’s still a fairly new hotel here in Nashville.  It was very nice, from the moment we pulled up to the door to the moment we left, we were treated like gold.  The room was very nice, and had a great view…  However, I kind of expect that…  It was the treatment that set this place apart.  It was also walkable for our tourist night.

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  1. I have always loved Hilton Hotels. I sleep in hotels more than I do at home because of work. The have a good breakfast and are always clean in my experience.

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    I love the mattresses at Hilton hotels. I researched and found that some use Serta and Sealy while the nicer one use Englander Resort and Hotel collection. I also prefer the Breakfast at Hilton hotels.

  3. Just got back in town after spending a wonderful week at the beach in Hilton Head Sc. We stayed at a resort Hilton property. The staff was nice. the rooms were amazing. Even the mattress was to die for. I have never slept that good. We even called the front desk and found out what kind of mattress it was. the said it was a Resort Collection by a company called Englander. I found a Mattress store in Franklin Tn. that ordered the one we wanted and it is being shipped right away. Great trip. Great Hotel. And now we can sleep like vacation every night. Woop woop!

  4. I slept on an unbelievable Sealy mattress at a Hilton hotel. I talked to the lady at the front desk and she got me in contact with my local Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro Tn. To get the same model. They gave me a great price and now I get to sleep like I’m in the Hilton Hotel every night.

  5. Hilton knows how to make you feel special. Every time we stay there we leave impressed with the quality and service. From the food all the way to the mattress they have it figured out.

  6. I am in love with the Hilton Hotels. They have the best mattress of any of the large chain hotel companies. I bought an Englander Resort Collection Mattress because it is just like the one in the Hilton hotel.

  7. The Hilton Hotel has the best mattresses. I always sleep better in the Hilton Hotel. They also use Easman Sheets and Pillows which are extremely comfortable.

  8. I always sleep best at the Hilton hotels. They have the most comfortable mattresses. The room service has always impressed me as well.


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