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I finally broke down and had to buy a new pair of shoes this weekend, and I didn’t know where to start. I hit up every store that I could think of, trying to find the glass slipper that fit just right. I finally stopped at Macy’s, and found a the perfect pair. It was a great pair of dress shoes. Black Rockports. These have to be the most comfortable pair of dress shoes that I have ever put on my feet. They feel like sneakers, and are amazing… Even after a full day of use.

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  1. You’d be hard pressed to find a better quality shoe on the market. I have have several pairs in my life and never have I been disappointed. I am wearing Rockport shoes as I write this comment.

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    I have always said the two things you invest the most in are mattresses and shoes. I already have a great stearns and Foster thanks to mattress gallery direct in murfreesboro Tennessee.Now I am shopping for shoes.I have heard a lot about the Rockport brand. I appreciate the review and I will check them out. Thanks.


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