Chateau Verona Firm Legendaire Mattress


If there’s one thing we’ve learned over our years in the bedding industry, it’s that it’s somewhat difficult to create a mattress that is both firm and comfortable at the same time. But we have to say, Legendaire was able to do just that with the Chateau Verona Firm mattress. The Chateau Verona Firm Legendaire mattress features a wrapped coil system with a support zone that runs across the center third of the mattress. This system ensures excellent spinal alignment for the sleeper throughout the night and prevents the bed from sagging in the areas where we’re heaviest. On top of the support layer of the mattress, Legendaire has incorporated a layer of high density, gel and copper infused therapeutic foams that provides the sleeper with a sleeping surface that is both firm and comfortable, at the same time. The edge of this mattress features quantum coil edge support that prevents the bed from wearing out on the side and is one of the reasons why this commercial grade mattress offers a 15 year, non-prorated warranty. Feel free to share your experience with the Legendaire Chateau Verona Firm mattress in the comments section below.


  1. I’ve been sleeping on a Chateau Verona for about a month and it’s been heaven! I’ve noticed a big difference in my back. I would highly recommend this mattress to anyone looking for back support.

  2. We love our Chateau Verona by Legendaire! Sleeps cool and refreshing. Great support for the lower back.

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    I really enjoy my Chateau Verona Firm mattress made by Legendaire. My Chiropractor recommended this brand after I told him how old my mattress was. I have noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality and back support. I was also impressed with the extended warranty as compared to other mattress brands on the market.


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