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My company sent me on a business trip to Columbus, and put me up at the Marriott. This doesn’t sound like much, the Marriott, but this was one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at let alone Marriott’s that I have ever stayed at. This was awesome. From the moment I walked in to the moment my head hit the pillow, this was a great hotel. It was also some of the best room service ever.

I may have been there in Columbus on business, but I would go back just for this hotel. I also had a chance to walk around the city, and I ate at a great little pizza place right downtown. This was a great trip.

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  1. I love Marriott Hotels. I won’t sleep in any other hotel if I can help it. They have a Great breakfast and the most comfortable mattresses. I love the mattress so much that I purchased one from They sell the mattress and box springs. They even sell the pillows and sheets if you want to get the whole experience.

  2. I stay in Marriott hotels on a regular basis. I love the mattress that they use. I always sleep better at a Marriott property.

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    I love the Marriott mattress!! I didn’t realize you could buy one until I read this these reviews. OMG I am so going to buy one. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should purchase a Marriott Bed from?

  4. I travel for work 200 days out of the year. It is important to me that when I’m away from home I have a few comforts that help me with the fact that I am gone so much. The Marriott Hotel chain has really stepped up to the plate as far as providing a great experience for their customers. The breakfast is great and consistent. The best part, I have to agree with the other reviewers, is the Mattress. I love the Jamison Marriott bed so much that I ordered one and had it shipped to my home. My wife is in love with it.

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    I love Marriott Hotels. They have the best mattresses. I actually purchased the Jamison Marriott Bed after staying in the hotel for a week. I researched the mattress online and it had great reviews. I had it shipped to my home and have been sleeping like a dream.

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    I love Marriott hotels! The breakfast is great and they always have a nice pool. My favorite part of a Marriott stay is the bed. They have the most comfortable mattresses. I did a little research and found out the they are made by a company in Nashville Tn. called Jamison Bedding. I had never heard of them before but have enjoyed their mattress tons of times. I knew that the Marriott sells the mattress on their online store and it’s not cheap. With a little more research I found out about Mattress Gallery Direct in Murfreesboro and Franklin. They had a great deal on the Jamison mattresses so I ordered one from them and they even shipped it to me. I saved about $900 by doing this. If you have never stayed at a Marriott hotel you should give it a try. Great food, Service and a wonderful sleeping experience!


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