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Time for a new mattress! Luckily we know exactly where to go. We have been long time fans of the Jamison Bedding Company and the awesome products they build right here in the heart of middle Tennessee. American made baby! We have slept on many mattresses over the years built by the Jamison family and they have all been exquisite. However, our personal favorite is built by the custom division. We are fortunate to live close by the factory and have had access to these commercial grade models. These are the ones that are designed for luxury hotels and resorts all across the country. If you get the opportunity to snag one of these you should. Best quality and comfort for your money.


  1. Hypstir Subscriber

    I love my New Jamison M-3000 Hybrid mattress! I bought a bed in a box a few months ago and it was horrid. I decided to go to an actual local mattress store and try some different mattress brands. The most comfortable mattress I found was the M-3000 Hybrid by Jamison. I have been sleeping great since I bought this new mattress. I highly recommend buying a Jamison mattress.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    We went to a local mattress store that sold all different brands and ran across the Jamison Marriott beds. We tried several great mattress combinations but kept coming back to the Jamison custom resort 3000 series. It was noticeably cooler than any other brand we had tried previously. This mattress has been amazing!

  3. First night on the new Jamison Custom Resort 6000 and OMG!! BEST Mattress ever. My Chiropractor told me about the Jamison mattress brand after I asked him what is the best mattress brand for back and neck pain. He said there are a lot of good brands but has always had the best luck with these. My hip is not hurting anymore in the morning and my husbands back is doing a lot better. Great mattress and totally worth the investment.

  4. I’ve always slept well at Marriott Hotels. When I found out that Jamison Bedding Company makes their beds I decided to order one for my home. I travel for work and I sleep better in hotels than at my own home. I thought that there is something obviously wrong with the picture. I bought the Jamison Custom Resort 460 model. It is a little softer than the one I’m use to at the hotel but I love it.

  5. Hypstir Subcriber

    I’m a big fan of the Jamison Marriott mattresses and the Resort collection. I travel a lot and the consistency in the Marriott mattresses make traveling a little easier. I got a Jamison Custom RST 440 for my house and it has been fantastic. For me it doesn’t get better than a Jamison. They aren’t the cheapest and they aren’t the most expensive on the market, but they are the best.

  6. I love my Jamison so much I took time out of my busy day to write about it. My back was a wreck and I though my 8 year old may be part of the problem so I started the process of looking for a new one. I went through 2 of the online bed in a box mattresses before I realized they are a joke. A friend of mine turned me onto Jamison so I found a store near my house and they had about 20 to choose from. It took me about 30 minutes to settle on the RST095. My back feels 100% better and I am sleeping more soundly than I ever have. I love my Jamison.

  7. We finally found a mattress that is firm enough. We researched different materials like Memory Foam, Latex, and even organic fiber Horse Hair and Cotton. The Jamison mattress had great reviews and a lot of customer testimonials. I learned through my research that Jamison’s Custom Bedding division makes the mattresses and box springs for Marriott Resorts & Hotels. I had slept well on many occasions at the Marriott properties and decided that the RST088 cushion firm mattress would be the best option to get what we need and save some money. It wasn’t cheap but definingly a better investment than some of the other brands we saw online.

  8. I didn’t even know that there were mattress out there that still used latex. My dad always swore by latex mattresses. When I learned that Jamison still made mattresses out of latex I figured I would take my dad’s advice. My RST440 Jamison is the best mattress I have ever had.

  9. Jamison mattresses are unbeatable in quality and price. I have bought several over the years for different rooms in the house and they just have a more substantial support and feel than other brands I have had.

  10. We bought a new Jamison Custom mattress RST088 set. We were impressed with the level of firmness it offered without causing pressure points on the shoulders and hips to get aggravated. My wife likes a good firm feel while I tend to prefer a little more cushion. This was a great way for us to compromise and get something for both of us. She has the firm support and I have enough cushion to alleviate and additional pressure that usually builds up on firm mattresses. All in all we are both very happy with the Jamison product.

  11. So glad we found out about the Jamison Custom beds. We have been looking for another high quality Latex mattress and have had a hard time finding mattress companies that still make Latex beds. Our last mattress lasted 18 years and was pure natural latex. Our research lead us to Jamison. We decided after trying all latex and Hybrid latex to buy the Hybrid model. We liked the idea of having the pressure relief of latex and support of coils. The model we purchased was an RST095 with Gel, Latex, and wrapped springs. It is even more comfortable than our last latex mattress. two thumbs up!

  12. Love my new Jamison Custom Hybrid mattress! We bought the RST095 model for our master and the RST089 for our guest room. We went a little firmer for the guestroom. Our quests have complimented us on the mattress as well. My husband has noticed significant improvement in his back on the new hybrid mattress.

  13. Yeah I’m with you guys. The Jamison Custom series is were it’s at. I have gone through so many brands over the past several years and never really loved any of them. My Jamison RST0440 is the only mattress I have been impressed with. The support and comfort is way beyond any other brand I have owned.

  14. I have worked in the hospitality service industry for years and have been involved in the purchase of many commercial grade custom mattress orders. The Jamisom Custom bedding division is of the highest quality in my opinion. The foam core mattresses that are used in the Marriott hotels and resorts are fantastic. I have slept on mine for years. Still supportive. I recently bought my daughter one of the Jamison latex hybrid mattresses from the custom line and she loves it.

  15. Hypstir Subscriber

    You are missing out if you have never slept on a Jamison mattress. We had our custom line Resort mattress special ordered last month. We have been on it for a week and it has been one amazing week let me tell ya. We first heard about Jamison Custom Bedding after staying at a Marriott resort & spa this summer. It was the best nights rest we have ever had and asked the hotel manager where we could get something like it. He told us that they sell them online and said we could order and probably have it shipped by the time we got home. That’s what we did and it has been incredible.

  16. The Jamison Custom Hotel & Resort mattresses are the most comfortable beds ever!! We bought one after sleeping at a resort in Hilton Head over the summer. We returned from our vacation disappointed to even consider the though of sleeping on our mattress at home. We were able to research and find the exact same mattress. If you are looking for luxury comfort with substantial support you should check out Jamison Custom Bedding Co.


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