Mattress Brands with BEST Warranty and Ratings

Best Mattress Warranty

I have been a little sluggish lately in getting blogs out regularly. I appreciate your patience. I have had a request to write about mattress brands with the best warranty and ratings. I certainly have some experience in this area from my background in the manufacturing and retail side of things. First of all most mattress brands have some sort of a warranty but not all of them are created equal. The biggest confusion for consumers is the difference in prorated and non-prorated warranty. For brevity sake let’s just say that a non-prorated warranty is really the only warranty worth considering. This means your coverage doesn’t diminish as time passes. Length of warranty is just as important. Most brands have a 5-10 year warranty while commercial grade mattresses can offer as much as a 15-20 year warranty. Here is a list of the Best Mattress Brands with the Best Warranty.

  • Restonic Biltmore Mattresses
  • Heritage Sleep
  • Sealy Posture pedic
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Stearns & Foster
  • Aireloom
  • Legendaire Mattress
  • Sleeptronic Bedding
  • Beautyrest
  • Englander Resort & Hotel Collection
  • Latex Bliss
  • Hastens
  • ViSpring
  • Hypnos
  • Jamison Custom Resort Mattress

Also I will provide a list of materials to keep an eye out for. Certain materials will last longer and usually have a better warranty.

  • Wrapped or Pocket Coils (Spring individually wrapped)
  • Latex (OEKO TEX Standard 100)
  • SOY Bio Foam
  • Open Cell Memory Foam
  • Tru Gel
  • High Density Core
  • High Carbon Steel Springs
  • Marshall Coil Unit
  • Compressed Organic Cotton & Wool

I hope this blog entry helped set the record straight about the best mattress warranty. Feel free to reply with questions or comments.


  1. We bought a Jamison Executive Luxe mattress because it had a much better warranty than most of the other brands we saw at local mattress stores. We have had good experiences with Jamison Marriott Beds in the past and will probably continue to buy this brand. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    Great video about bed in a box

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    Good read! I have been more conscious about buying American made and local when possible. I do have a question about the online bed in a box mattress. Are they any good? Are they made here in the states? Just wondering what your thoughts are. I would rather buy something made here.


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