Grand Duvet Legendaire Review

Grand Duvet Legendaire Review

The Grand Duvet by Legendaire was a big hit at the Furniture & Mattress Expo and for good reason. We are always looking for a great quality Hybrid mattress that checks all of the boxes. The Grand Duvet is soft where you want it and supportive where you need it. They really hit a grand slam with this model. 5 Star rating from Hypster! What about you?

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  1. Hypstir Subscriber

    The Grand Duvet by Legendaire is the perfect hybrid mattress. We had a memoryfoam mattress that was old and starting to sag so we went shopping for something better. We looked at some foam mattresses but at the end of the day the hybrid was just more supportive. And it had a better warranty. We have been sleeping a lot better.


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