Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire Mattresses

Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire Mattresses

What a Great firm mattress! Firm mattresses are hard to make these days due to the rising cost of goods. A firm mattress needs to be made with the highest quality materials to stay solid and supportive for many years. The Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire mattresses have hit the nail on the head with this model. They use the strongest coil unit in the mattress industry that is Chiropractor tested and approved. They also use a proprietary blend of the heaviest duty firm comfort layers to offer enhanced lower back support. Finally a firm mattress that will impress the firm mattress aficionado. Let us know about your experience with the Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire Resort & Hotel collection mattresses.


  1. We have the older version of this mattress in a queen size, and it has been great for the past 8 years. We decided to buy another one in a king, so we bought the Breckenridge Firm Legendaire model. We put the queen size in our guestroom, and everyone says it feels great. I would have no trouble recommending this band.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    Best firm mattress ever! We realized that our other mattresses were too soft which is why we were having trouble sleeping. We wanted the most traditional firm mattress so we researched and decided a Hotel quality mattress would be the best option. We bought the Breckenridge Firm Legendaire mattress because we have always slept well at Hilton Hotels. If you need a solid firm support I would recommend the Breckenridge Firm by Legendaire.

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    Our new Breckenridge Firm Legendaire mattress is way better than our Serta we just got rid of. We have had issues sleeping for a while and decided to try a new mattress. After sampling several different mattresses at different stores we decided the Breckenridge Firm mattress by Legendaire was the firmest and had the best warranty.


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