Grand Corinthia (Hybrid) Legendaire Mattress

Grand Corinthia Hybrid Mattress

It takes a lot to ‘blow us away’ when it comes to mattresses. But the Grand Corinthia Hybrid by Legendaire has done just that! Offering over 2600 coils in a queen size, this mattress features a five-zone targeted support system that is designed to enhance spinal alignment throughout the night. Furthermore, this mattress features gel and copper infused memory foams that offer ample pressure relief for side sleeping and absorb body heat like no other. Furthermore, Legendaire has sandwiched a layer of nano coils in between the comfort foams, thus adding to the conformability and supportiveness of the mattress. And finally, the Grand Corinthia Hybrid mattress features SensICE Yarn as its top fabric, which offers moisture-wicking capabilities and cooling effect that is sure to appease even the hottest of sleepers. Let us know your thoughts on the Grand Corinthia Hybrid mattress by Legendaire in the comments section below. 

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