Belcourt Theatre


I was looking for a place my husband and I could go to on our once a month date night. We normally just go out to dinner and then home, but the kids where gone for the whole weekend at grandmas house. I wanted do more then just the same thing. I found a movie theatre called Belcourt Theatre in Hilsboro Village. This is not your normal movie theatre, there were no teenagers running around and they don’t play the same kind of movies. This one plays a nice verity of classic, foreign and independent movies. This is what we both love so we where sure to find a movie that we would both wanted to watch.

I am glad we went there it was beautiful and the building was old and makes you feel like you are in the old movie theatre. The staff was very friendly and offered help in finding the right theatre. The building was clean and the seats where comfortable. They offer the normal treats that all theatres have the popcorn, nachos, soda and candy. They best thing they offer is the old style Yazoo beer on tap and locally made candy. I know we are both glad we took our date night there. We had a lot of fun and will be making this a normal stop on date nights to come.

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  1. I have seen so many great performers at this place and it really is amazing. The sound is nice and it just has this cozy feel that you really only find in classic venues. Enjoy the show. 6 stars for me!


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