Texas Roadhouse


Okay, this place is new…  I get that.  Still, if you aren’t going to be open for lunch, maybe you should put a sign out.  Maybe by the road.  I’m just saying.  With that said my wife and I made it over there for dinner.  The wait wasn’t that bad…  I did expect somewhat of a wait, they are new after all.  They hostess was very friendly, and seated us with a smile.  The service was great, and there was even a song and dance at one point.  Great time…  Great food…


  1. Best steak in town. I work at Mattress gallery Direct 132 st. Andrews Drive Murfreesboro Tn. and it is right around the corner from texas roadhouse. We eat hewre all of the time. great service and excellent food.

  2. I’m glad that Murfreesboro Tn. got this awesome steak house. It’s been a while since I’ve had a really good steak other than my own. Lol. It is on the other side of Murfreesboro by Kroger, kohls and Mattress Gallery Direct.


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