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I just want to give a shout out this week to one of my favorite companies in the bedding biz. The new Englander Resort and Hotel Collection really is something to behold. If you are not familiar with this line I highly recommend giving it a try. Englander is one of those brands that isn’t that well known to the average consumer but it should be. They have been around since the late 1800’s and have supplied luxury mattresses for hotels like Ritz Carlton, Sofitel, The Peninsula and the Thompson Group of hotels to name a small few. To the Mattress Aficionado they are known as some of the most luxurious mattress on the market. They can range anywhere from $3,000.00 to $6,000.00 and sometimes even more. They also produce a lower end collection that is good for the budget minded consumer.

The new line uses some old and new school design techniques. Old school options like natural latex, wool and throw back hand made details like tufting give these mattresses the feel of 100 years ago. They mix the old with the new by giving pocketed coil options, gel memory foam and zoning designs that are essential for sleep most modern sleep needs.

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  1. Hypstir Subscriber

    I have had back trouble for years and have a rough time trying to sleep comfortably. I bought the Aloe Atlantis after my Chiropractor recommended that I check out a new Englander mattress. Almost immediately I noticed an improvement in my sleep. I’m waking up without the stiffness that I had before. I love the mattress and highly recommend the Aloe Atlantis by Englander if you have back issues.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    Bought the Aloe Atlantis by Englander on a whim. Found a local mattress store with a full selection of several brands and it felt the best. I have had it a couple of weeks and honestly can’t remember ever sleeping as well as I have since the new bed.

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    Mattresses are so hard to pick and there are so many options. After trying what seemed like 100 different mattress brands I found a local mattress store that sold Englander Resort Collection grade mattresses. I was blown away by the comfort compared to other brands. They had a 20 year warranty which is really awesome and I like the fact that they are in high end Hotels and Resorts. I feel like the quality would have to be better.

  4. I usually don’t write reviews but I thought I would share my recent experience with a new Englander Resort Grand Chateau mattress. I bought a Casper and didn’t like it. I then bought the Purple mattress and it was a joke. I decided to actually go to a real store and check out some good quality mattresses. I fell in love with the Englander Resort Collection Grand Chateau. From the first night I could tell a huge difference.

  5. Hypstir Subscriber

    I went to my Chiropractor to ask what is the best mattress for back problems. I thought he would say Tempurpedic but he told me about a brand I had never heard by the name Englander. He said he uses them and recommends them to several of his clients. I found a store that had a line of Resort Collection mattresses by Englander and bought the Basin Park series. My back has felt great! I really wish I had known about this brand sooner.

  6. Hypstir Subscriber

    I bought my mom an Englander mattress for Christmas this year. We have an Atlantis Resort Collection model that has been great for the past few years so I decided to get her and my step dad a new Englander mattress. They like a little more of a plush feel so we got them the Basin Park model with the Adjustable bed frame. They LOVE it! We highly recommend this brand.

  7. We just bought a new Englander mattress after months of research. We tried every brand imaginable from Tempur-pedic, Stearns & Foster, and Beautyrest. They were comfortable mattresses but the Englander Resort Collection Atlantis aloe model was by far the most comfortable and supportive to my husband and I. After sleeping on the new mattress for two short weeks we have been waking up more refreshed than ever. Best money spent!

  8. Just got back from the Tupelo Furniture show to see some new products. I was especially impressed with the new Englander Resort Collection mattresses that were unveiled on Thur. It is true that the Tupelo Furniture market is not what is once was. The crowd has dwindled due to the large draw to the new Vegas Market and other furniture shows that have popped up in recent years. However, this does not stop Englander from showing up and showing out. They really now how to put on a show and bring the goods. They had a variety of new looks and feels that were reminiscent of the original Englander mattresses from way back. One representative of the luxury bedding brand said they were hoping to give a kind of throw back vibe. That is indeed what they have done. Englander Resort & Hotel Collection mattresses have always been on the cutting edge as far as style and luxury finishing’s. They spare no expense in regards to premium top coverings and border panel treatment. They have decided to bring blue back into the mix. With all of the gray and black mattresses coming from every direction, these mattresses are a breath of fresh air. Clean, Crisp, and refreshing. Another home run in my opinion.

  9. I am in love! My new Englander Resort Collection mattress has everything I have ever wanted in a mattress. It is soft where I need it and firm support as well. I haven’t slept this well in years.

  10. We just purchased an Englander Basin Park Plush mattress yesterday and are so excited to have it delivered this evening. We have been researching mattresses and shopping around for months. Nothing compared to the comfort and quality of the Englander Resort Collection mattresses. They had higher quality foams and springs plus the warranty was 20 years long. That is twice what any other brand we saw had. I think we will be very pleased and will be glad to a follow up report on how our first month of sleep has been when we get there. So excited!!!

  11. Englander is doing it again. They have added a new line of quantum coil edge support coil units to their robust arsenal of luxury Hotel and Resort Collection bedding program. They have successfully secured a bulk buying deal with top U.S. coil manufacturers to ensure top quality at every price range. Edge reinforced coils is hardly looked down upon in the industry. To date it is the one of the finest methods for securing substantial support and durability long term for the edge of the mattress. Remember: the edge is the first to go. Investing in a mattress with supportive edge reinforcement is paramount in finding the best product. Check out the new Englander collection at a local mattress gallery retailer.

  12. I realized that I have neglected to mention a very good Englander Resort and Hotel Collection called the TriBeCa. I have the tendency to over look the firmer models sometimes. For those of you who are into the firmer side of things but want the luxury experience this is the mattress for you. The high coil count gives the core of the Tribeca extreme firmness and durability. It also includes the famous Englander support zone. When you see this monster of a mattress don’t let the size fool you. It looks like it will be soft but when you try you will find that it will do the trick for even the most hardcore firm fanatics.

  13. I wanted to remind all you readers of the importance of buying mattresses that are pure and free from chemicals. I love Englander because they have made a commitment to having there beds certified pure so we know that we are not breathing in anything harmful. I sit in a room with mattresses all day long and I sleep on one every night. About 19-20 hours of my day is spent around mattresses and I am happy to know that it is not having any adverse effects on my health.

  14. I wanted to highlight an Englander model that I have been a fan of for years but I don’t think I have ever written about it on here. The Basin Park Plush is one of the best non pillow top mattresses on the market. To me it is the quintessential plush mattress. It is remarkable how well the folks at Englander have been able to balance the Soft top with the firmer under layer that to me makes the push style so popular. Check it out if you are looking for a great middle of the road style mattress with all the luxury you have come to expect from Englander Resort and Hotel Collection.

  15. Wow it has been a while. The last few months have been some of the busiest of my entire life. I’m not complaining. I like to stay busy. I have neglected my friends here at Hypstir.

    I had the chance to visit the Olive Branch factory show room from the Englander folks and they are very close to droping this new line. I am beyond stoked. The new fabrics they are using for the tops of their Pillow Tops, Firms, Euro Tops, Plush and Cushion Firms are some of the coolest to the touch I have ever seen. They are fully updating all their old favorites like the Atlantis Aloe, Biltmore Bamboo, Grand Chateau and the Carlton Cashmere.

  16. I have seen the future of Luxury bedding and the future is Englander Resort and Hotel Collection. I couldn’t believe me eyes when I visited these guys in Vegas. Like I mentioned in some of my other post i can not go into specifics until everything is official. I can say that the new models are some of the most beautiful mattresses I have ever seen. They have made some serious innovations in the Firm and Cushion / Push Firm designs. They truly were some of the best feeling models I laid on in Vegas (I tried over 800). The latex line has also been expanded. Keep checking back for updates. As soon as I hear from my guys on the inside I will get more specific. You will not be disappointed.

  17. I have had a few questions from readers who want to know where to find some of the products I mention here on Hypstir. I admit that many of the mattresses I write about are a little on the rare side. What is the point of writing about all the same old models you see everywhere. My best advice is to search your local Mattress Gallery and specialty stores. Many of the big box stores do not carry rare product lines. Awesome mattresses like the Englander Resort and Hotel Collection a rare but it is certainly worth the extra research and foot work. You can also search the manufactures website or call them to find out the closest dealer to you. I know some folks who have traveled a couple hundred miles to try out a mattress. Remember you will have to wake up with it for the next 8-15 years. Don’t take the easy way out. You will regret it for sure. Bye For Now.

  18. The Biltmore Bamboo is another mattress in the Englander Resort and Hotel Collection that I feel needs some time in the spotlight. It has the same features like zoning, pocket coils and edge support like the other models I have mentioned but it has it own very unique feel. The super thick gel memory foam top is something special. Many hybrids have a layer or two before you hit the memory foam but the Biltmore has gel foam all the way in the top quilt. That means that the Euro Top almost feels like an all foam bed. It truly is unique. If you have a chance to check one I out I suggest you carve out some time to experience it for yourself before you buy anything else.

    1. After reading your blog I decided to check out the Englander Resort Collection mattresses and was very impressed. I tried several of the models you have mentioned and decided to buy the Biltmore Bamboo model. Thanks for the information. I found this site to be an invaluable resource in the search for my new mattress set and I love my new Englander mattress.

  19. I had to go out of town over the weekend and I had the pleasure of sleeping on the Grand Chateau by Englander Resort and Hotel. I have seen this model many times and tried it but I never got to experience it overnight. I use the word experience because it was an “experience.” Having been in the industry for so long it takes a lot to blow my mind. The Grand Chateau is, to me, the perfect balance of soft on top and really firm underneath. I started out in this industry as a delivery man and it left a lasting impression on my back. I usually have to spent at least 3 nights on a new mattress for my back to adjust but the Grand Chateau was dead on from the first night. I may have to get one of these for my guest room for when I get tossed out of my bed for snoring.

    1. Hypstir Subscriber

      Thanks for the advice on the Englander Resort Collection. I have never heard of this brand before I slept on one when I was on vacation. Your website has the best information I could find on this awesome brand. I am happy to say that I found a Mattress Gallery in my area that sold Englander and I picked the Grand Chateau partly from the information you have about it on Hypstir and partly because it felt so dang good. Keep up the good work informing all of us about mattresses that are a little more rare than the 4 same brands we see all the time.

  20. I have had a few request for readers to check out specific products while I am in Vegas. I will try to get to all of them but my schedule is pretty full. If you want me to check out something at a vendor I have already mentioned I will be more likely to be able to fill your request since I will already be there. So Steve from Florida if you are reading this I will be able to check out Specs on the new Englander Resort and Hotel Collection. Shot me your email and I will get you some pics of the Gel Memory Foam and Latex samples they have. I will also snag a few of the pocket coil samples if they have any on display. Remember request are first come first served so get to me quick. Keep it real all you fellow Hypstirs out there.

  21. I’m heading to the Big Vegas Show in a couple of weeks and I am super stoked to visit the Englander Resort and Hotel Collection booth. I have heard that they have added some new models to their commercial grade collection. A few of the boutique hotels they build for have licensed their designs for retail. The word through the grapevine is that they have a new $30,000.00 model that rivals Hastens. There are also some new lower priced options. This also means that a Mattress Gallery in your area may have some close outs you can take advantage of. I’ll give you guys some updates as soon a I get back. Wish me luck.


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