Quest Pillows


I sometimes think that it is harder to find the right pillow than it is to find the right mattress.  I have had  many over the years that I liked but I had yet to find a pillow that I loved.  That is until I stumbled upon the Quest pillow by Glideaway Sleep Products.  Holy Moly is this thing awesome.  They have pioneered a fiber based  memory foam that gives you the benefit of sleeping on memory foam without feeling like your head is on a rock.  It is nice and soft but not so soft that you loose the support and pressure relief you would want from memory foam.  The shape is also unique.  It made into a U shape that is perfect for side sleep and back sleep.  I have to admit I was leery at first because it is a cooling pillow.  In the past I have found that most cooling pillows are far to cold to be useful.  I dint want to feel like I am sleeping on a block of ice.  The Quest uses a cooling fabric that cools it just enough and it also has a cotton side for times when you want a more temperature neutral option.  As far as I can tell this is a pillow that you will have to seek out.  Its online availability is limited so I recommend looking at your local Mattress Gallery to give it a try.  It is certainly worth the trip.

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