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Very few products these days live up to the hype that marketing companies create.  Stearns and Foster’s hype doesn’t come from advertising or a mass marketing campaigns.  They come by their reputation honestly through years of word of mouth and a hard core client base that would rather sleep on the floor than a mattress other than a Stearns.  I got a chance to check out the new Legacy and Reserve lines at a Mattress Gallery that I was doing some consulting with last week.  I don’t know how they manage to produce such great mattresses time and time again.  Most brands have their ups and downs but Stearns and Foster hit a home run with every product every time.  Not only do the mattresses feel fantastic they are truly some of the most beautiful in the entire industry.  From the comfortable and breathable fabrics to the brass and leather handles these mattresses look so good it is almost a shame to put a sheet on them.  The Reserve has a really cool hand and needle tufted top that is amazing.  The folks at Stearns and Foster are some how able to build a mattress with a classic luxury feel while incorporating some the most modern features.  With Gel Memory Foam, Pocket Coils and other modern design techniques they are able to mix old and new technology to build something completely new but with a feel that is so familiar you would swear that it was a time capsule from 50 years ago.


  1. Do you know of a good place to purchase a Stearns & Foster at a good price in Murfreesboro TN.? we have several mattress gallery showrooms and discounters in the area. Do you have an opinion on which company is best?

  2. After countless hours of research and what we would like to think due diligence, we purchased our new Stearns & Foster hybrid mattress. We’ve slept on it now for a few weeks and have been pleased. It took a night or two for our bodies to adjust to the new feel as to be expected. Now everything is broken in and smooth sailing.


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