Jamison Custom Resort Mattresses

jamison Custom Resort Mattress

Jamison Custom Mattresses has made a few additions to there popular Resort and Autograph collections.  This growing line up still has your favorite models but these new models a re certainly worth mentioning.  I have said for years that Jamison is one of the top 5 mattress companies in the world.  That fact that Marriott chooses them to design and build the mattresses for their highest end resorts says something for sure.

One model that really blew me away was the Lucerne.  Man that thing sure feels good.  It has a massive pillow top that would fit into the Box Top category.  The gel foam in the top gave it the nice softness you would expect from a bed of this stature.  Even with its soft top I always felt a sold feel of back support in my lower back.  That’s how you judge a great soft mattress.  You want to make sure that you can always feel the support in the curve of your back.  The high coil count of the core gives the Lucerne a nice solid feeling to support the soft foam.  I think it is a home run for Jamison.

Be sure to check with your local Jamison dealers to try this awesome mattress for yourself.  It should be showing up on showroom floors any day now.



  1. The Jamison Private Resort 9000 mattress I purchased has significantly improved my sleep! I normally wake up 3 to 4 times a night, and after sleeping on this mattress, I’ve been able to sleep all night without waking up once! I work as a nurse at St. David’s Georgetown Hospital, and getting quality sleep ensures that I am able to take care of my patients to the best of my abilities, which is very important to me! I would highly recommend this mattress!

  2. I just bought a new Jamison Custom Resort mattress. Best mattress ever! A little pricey but totally worth it.

  3. I have slept on many Jamison mattresses over the years. My company has a corporate account with Marriott so when I travel for work I sleep on a Jamison. When it was time to replace the mattress in my master bedroom I thought I should check out what Jamison had to offer. I was totally blown away by the Custom Resort mattresses. The Custom Resort 460 has a fabric on it that literally stays cold all night. I was sold after about 2 minutes on it. It contoured better than my old Tempur-Pedic and was way cooler. These mattresses are not cheap but they are worth every penny.

  4. After reading the Hypstir reviews and blogs I new I wanted a Jamison mattress but I still didn’t know which one was for me. I was at a mattress gallery in Nashville and saw the Custom Resort lineup. After trying about 5 different options I went with the Custom Resort 460. The cooling top fabric blew my mind. out of all the “cooling” mattresses i tried this one was actually cool to the touch and stayed that way after laying on it for 10 minutes.

  5. I have worked in the Mattress industry for over 20 years. I wanted a Jamison Custom Resort 660 so bad that I actually paid full price from a competitor. The chain I work for doesn’t carry Jamison but I tried one at a trade show and fell in love. I have access to all the brands that everybody knows and they cant touch the Custom Resorts. Jamison’s Latex and Gel Foam is to me the best out there. Take my word for it, the Jamison Custom Resort’s are currently the best on the market.

  6. Hypstir Subcriber

    I had never heard of Jamison Custom until I saw it on Hypstir. I got some good advice from here when I was purchasing my parents a new mattress and I figured I should check here now that I am ready for a mattress for my master bedroom. After reading and some DMing I settled on a Jamison Custom 660. It has been great and my back feels like it did 20 years ago. It took me a few days to get used to it but even then I knew it was going to be the real deal. The gel makes a huge difference in the temperature.

  7. Hypstir Subcriber

    I am happy to see the Jamisom Custom mattresses getting some recognition online. I was wondering when people would get hip to the awesome selection they have to offer. I chose the 460 when it first came out. The cold top is what sold me on it but the comfortable pillow top and support is what made me the fan I am today. Keep on spreading the word about the Jamison Custom line. They deserve it.

  8. Hypstir Subcriber

    I think Jamison is the most underrated mattress company out there. People sleep in Marriott hotels and resorts all the time and love them but do not realize that it is mainly because the comfortable mattresses. I have had several over the years and when it came time to treat myself with a high end mattress I knew Jamison was the first company I should look at. I found a Mattress Gallery in my town and they have the full Jamison Custom line. I tried the 160,260,360,460,560,660 and the 760. After an exhausting try out I bought the Custom 360. That cooling fabric is the real deal. I didn’t realize how big a difference sleeping cooler would make. I am so impressed with the Customs. The regular Jamisons are great but the Custom really takes it up a notch.

  9. The Jamison Resort mattresses are the best on the market in my opinion. I went through a period where I had to change out my mattress every two years. I went through all the brands and then I stumbled upon a Jamison at a local mattress gallery and something clicked from the get go. It just felt different than anything else I had tried. It has been five years and my Custom Resort 660 and it looks brand new. I am a Jamison convert for life.

  10. I have the Jamison Lucerne and man is it awesome. I have never had a mattress that is this comfortable. I was skeptical about the gel but I have to say that I can feel the pressure relief and support instantly. It last throughout the night. I also didn’t realize how much sleeping cooler would improve my sleep. I thought I was cursed to wake drenched in sweat for the rest of my life. If you haven’t tried one of these killer mattresses you should run to your Jamison dealer and experience it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.


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