Restonic Biltmore Heirloom Mattress

Biltmore Heirloom by Restonic

Its been a crazy year and I don’t think you’ll disagree. I have not made as many posts as I’d like but I had to break that pattern to tell you about one of the most exciting things that have happened this year. Restonic has partnered with the Biltmore Estates to launch the Biltmore Heirloom style mattresses. Their focus was on replicating an authentic mattress like what would have been used by the Vanderbilt family. Mattresses were made to last generations back then and it took certain available materials to do that. The designers at Restonic decided to get back to the basics of quality components to pull off this feat and they did it with gusto. Restonic has built this line with the highest quality materials available including:

  • Natural & Organic Latex
  • Belgium Damask Cashmere
  • High Carbon Steel Coils
  • Organic Cotton

Stop by the Biltmore Estates to try one of these luxury mattresses in there 5 Star Hotel. You may even decide to take one home for yourself.

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  1. I spent a weekend at the Biltmore Estates hotel with my fiancée and had the best time. We couldn’t believe how comfortable the Restonic mattresses were. I’ve been to a lot of hotels and this was the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on. We found a company online that sold the Biltmore Heirloom Euro top by Restonic and had it shipped to our house. Best sleep we’ve ever had.


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