Scott Living Celebrity Collection by Restonic

Scott living Celebrity Collection by Restonic

Many of my long time readers know that I am kind of a gear head. I love the nuts and bolts of things. That is why I am super excited to tell you about the NEW Scott Living Celebrity Mattress Collection by Restonic. Many manufacturers rehash the same old stuff year after year, but not Restonic. These mattresses were commissioned by the Scott Bros. of Scott Living to be cutting edge. Restonic did what they do best. They researched and developed some of the most advanced Hybrid Euro Top and Plush models to date using a combo of materials.

  • Aluminum Memory Foam (makes the mattress more durable and cooler)
  • Up to 4000 coils in select models (American high carbon steel)
  • The finest upholstery to promote cooling and longevity
  • 5 zoned support technology

With this kind of innovation you should rest assured that you are getting more than you pay for. Although these mattresses come with a hefty price tag, I’m sure you’ll find it is worth every penny.


  1. I love the Property Brothers and have taken much advice from their show. Of course when they started these mattresses I had to have one! We purchased a Signature Hybrid Plush mattress and it is AMAZING!

  2. I bought a Restonic mattress on Black Friday this year. I tried several brands and the Scott Living Celebrity Euro by Restonic was by far the most supportive and comfortable. It’s a hybrid with Aluminum infused memory foam and you can really feel a huge difference in the cooling. Over all GREAT experience!


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