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Organic Mattresses

More people than ever are becoming interested in Organic Mattresses. In Murfreesboro TN, Mattress Gallery Direct has studied Organic mattresses for years. They have found that several manufactures are becoming more aware of the growing interest in these kinds of products. One of the biggest concerns among consumers has to do with the fire retardant material the government requires each mattress to have. Most mattress manufactures uses a chemical based retardant. A few select manufactures use an organic cotton and wool alternative. At Hypstir we love the idea of natural and organic materials in mattresses. We spend so much time in bed it’s nice to know that you have something healthy to sleep on.

Manufactures that use Organic Fire Retardant Barrier

  • Hypnos
  • Hastens
  • Vi Spring
  • Englander Resort Collection
  • Symbol
  • Duxiana
  • Legendaire
  • just to name a few

If you have had an experience with any of these brands we would love to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

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  1. I have been researching organic mattresses and came across Wooluxe by Legendaire. They seem to be really nice. Has anyone on here had any experiences with this natural wool and latex mattress? Any help would be appreciated. I’m strongly considering purchasing one. They aren’t cheap so I’d like a little feed back before I buy it.


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