Legendaire Grand Astoria Mattress

Grand Astoria Legendaire Review

Every now and then a product stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Grand Astoria by Legendaire is one of those rare products. We get to try several mattresses and furniture pieces on a regular basis. This one is a breath of fresh air. Great support with a luxury comfort like no other. It’s the kind of mattress that makes you rethink your sleeping situation for sure. Legendaire is famous for their Hotel and Resort design. The most notable feature is the commercial grade wrapped coil system that is sure to out perform residential grade models. The comfort layers are mind boggling. Just an all around grand slam from Legendaire mattress.


  1. The Legendaire Grand Astoria mattress has done my wife and I wonders! We’ve been searching for the perfect mattress for the both of us for quite some time now, and the second we laid on this mattress we knew it was it. My wife tends to like a softer mattress, since she suffers from hip pain and sleeps on her side, while I tend to like a firmer mattress, because I suffer from lower back pain and also sleep on my back. This mattress is the perfect balance for the both of us, and the best part is, we can finally start sleeping in the same bed together again!

  2. I have only stayed in a Waldorf Astoria on time and it was the absolute best experience I have had in a Hotel. What always stuck with me after staying there was how comfortable the mattress was. When my wife and I decided to buy a new mattress we new we wanted a Hotel quality mattress. After doing some research we purchased the Grand Astoria Legendaire mattress and pillows. Seriously comfortable. I didn’t realize how bad I was sleeping until I invested in a real high quality piece of bedding. It has a 20 year warranty so I don’t believe I’ll be needing a new one anytime soon.

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    Couldn’t be happier with our new Grand Astoria Legendaire mattress! It is very comfortable on my lower back where I was experiencing some discomfort with our old mattress. I have also noticed that it sleeps considerably cooler than our last mattress as well. Great experience so far.

  4. Hypstir Subscriber

    We stayed in a Kimpton Hotel in DC and absolutely loved the mattress. We did some research on Hotel mattresses and came across the Legendarie Grand Astoria model. I had never heard of them but they had great reviews so we ordered it. We have really enjoyed the comfort.


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