Legendaire Carmel Cashmere Mattress

Carmel Cashmere Legendaire Review

An instant classic! The Carmel Cashmere by Legendaire is pure luxury. It’s hard to know where to begin with the mattress. It has just about every feature you’d want, and then some, in a premium luxury hybrid. First of all, the Cashmere cover on this mattress is a home run. The smooth feel combined with a natural cooler sleep will have you wanting to throw away your sheets. It’s that comfortable. The Carmel Cashmere uses a Legendaire proprietary blend of the highest quality comfort layers on the market. There’s no wonder they are trusted by the Top 5 Star Hotel & Resort around the world. Check out this luxurious commercial grade offering from Legendaire, if you dare.


  1. The Carmel Cashmere Legendaire mattress is by far the most luxurious hybrid mattress we’ve ever slept on. We have had Tempurpedic and Beautyrest mattresses that were good but nothing quite like the support and comfort of the Carmel Cashmere model. The warranty is what sold us. We received a 20 year warranty with the purchase of a quality mattress protector.

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    We bought a queen size and a king size Carmel Cashmere Legendaire mattress. We love ours and all of our guests say it is the most comfortable mattress they have ever slept on. One of my friends tried to buy it off of me. Lol. It really is one of the best quality mattresses we’ve purchased.


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