Legendaire Oasis Aloe Vera Mattress

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Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire Review

Now this mattress has gotten our attention at Hypstir. Rarely do we find a mattress that is as comfortable as the Oasis Aloe Vera, that it has us all reconsidering our own. First of all, the Aloe Vera Natural cover on this mattress makes you want to get rid of your sheets. It is that smooth. The Aloe Vera top has a breathability factor that is noticeably cooler than other sleep surfaces. They also use a proprietary blend of padding that literally feels like sleeping on a cloud. However, they don’t leave you in the clouds. The commercial grade wrapped coils offer back support that is obvious. You really get the whole package with the Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress. 5 Stars from Hypstir. How about you?


  1. There’s only one word that describes this mattress: COMFORTABLE! I tried the Oasis Aloe Vera by Legendaire at my local mattress store and instantly fell in love. The best thing was that my husband didn’t even want to buy a new mattress (he didn’t think we needed one) but after I dragged him into the store and forced him to lay on it, he totally changed his mind. Reminds me of the mattress that we slept on at the Four Seasons Hotel, and i absolutely love the soft, aloe vera top it has!

  2. Hypstir Subscriber

    I am happy to report that we got our Oasis Aloe Vera Legendaire mattress delivered and it is just as described. We never actually tried it in a mattress store. A friend highly recommended Legendaire mattresses and we read several great reviews so we bought it with our fingers crossed. Very comfortable and solidly built. You can tell it is made very well and should hold up for many years.

  3. Hypstir Subscriber

    After doing a considerable amount of online research we decided to buy an Oasis Aloe Vera by Legendaire. It had a 20 year warranty which was twice as long as other mattress brands in the same price range. It just made since to buy a commercial grade mattress considering how often we use it. We have been very comfortable on it and would strongly recommend this brand to others.

  4. Hypster Subscriber

    Best mattress ever! We searched high and low for the perfect mattress for me and my husband. The Oasis Aloe Vera by Legendaire was by far the most comfortable mattress for us both. Feels great on my hips and my husbands back has improved tremendously since we started sleeping on this mattress. I would recommend getting the adjustable base with it. It really enhances the whole experience.


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