AeroGel Plush Sleeptronic Mattress


Sleeptronic hit a slam dunk with this one! The AeorGel Plush mattress is one of the most innovative all foam mattresses we’ve ever seen. This mattress features a super high-density support foam and is topped with three different layers of unique memory foams. The support layer is designed to give premium spinal alignment throughout the night, while the memory foam layers cushion and cradle your body. The first layer of memory foam is a high-density memory foam, that is designed to give a comfortable buffer between you and the support foam. On top of that sits a copper infused memory foam, which offers the health benefits of copper and the pressure relief of memory foam. The top layer is a gel infused memory foam, which not only relieves pressure, but also absorbs body heat. And finally, the cover on the AeroGel Plush is made with SensICE yarn that draws heat away from the body. And oh yea, we almost forgot to mention, the cover is also unzippable and machine washable! So, if memory foam is your preference, then we highly recommend you check out the AeorGel Plush by Sleeptronic. You won’t be disappointed!

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