TalTec Hybrid Sleeptronic Mattress


We’ve always been fans of latex mattresses here at Hypstir, and the TalTec hybrid by Sleeptronic only reinforces our opinion. Many people don’t know this, but latex is one of the most durable materials that can be found in mattresses these days. And in addition to its durability, latex can offer a soft sleeping surface while avoiding the sensation of sinking into the mattress. The TalTec hybrid mattress by Sleeptronic features a copper infused latex that offers the comfort and durability of latex and provides the health benefits of copper. The support layer of this mattress features a wrapped coil system that contours to the user’s body and prevents the bed from sagging over time. So, if you’re one of those people who enjoys a soft sleeping surface but would rather sleep on your mattress instead of in your mattress, then you should definitely check out the TalTec hybrid by Sleeptronic.

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