Chateau Verona PT Legendaire Mattress


What a masterpiece! It’s hard not to love everything about the Chateau Verona Pillowtop mattress by Legendaire. And with features like a wrapped coil system, targeted lumbar support zone, gel and copper infused therapeutic foams, and a cool-to-the-touch copper infused top fabric, it’s easy to understand why. Often, pillowtop mattresses lack the proper density to give the sleeper adequate support. But Legendaire’s pillowtop rendition of the Chateau Verona avoids that issue by offering high density support foam which prevents that feeling of dipping into the mattress, while still making you feel like you’re wrapped in opulent comfort. Furthermore, the top fabric of this mattress features a copper infused, DeepFreeze yarn that is designed to wick heat away from your body and provides a cool sleeping surface, all night long. For those of you who prefer a firmer comfort preference, Legendaire offers this mattress in both a plush and firm variation.

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