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My husband and I decided it was time for a new car when my ac went out in my van. We went to the several dealerships in Nashville. We drove around the lots looking at the options and what we liked. We ended up at the Action Nissan in Nashville, when I saw the new Pathfinder and fell in love. We got out of our car and we didn’t even make it to the door Brian our salesman came up to us. I told him that I fell in love with the black pathfinder on the front row. We walked over to it I loved it, it was perfect for our family the third row seating build in DVD players in the seats. This was the one. We drove it came back to the lot and told Brian let do it. When we got in the building the rest of the staff was super nice while Brian was getting paper work together we where offered water. We got a great deal and I love my new Pathfinder. I would recommend Action Nissan to anyone it the market for a new car.(see Home Page to learn about our Hypstir Subscriber requirements)


  1. I just bought a new Frontier Nissan 4×4 and I love it. I have been needing a truck for my side business. I was always having to rent or barrow and it was always big hassle. I am so excited that I have my own truck!

  2. I checked out the Nissan gallery in murfreesboro Tn. They were nice and direct. I have to feel comfortable with the sales guy when I am purchasing anything and they did a fine job.

  3. Was very pleased with the service I got when purchasing my 2015 Maxima from them……I would go back.

  4. I love Nissan vehicles. They are all I have ever had and I just don’t have car trouble like other people I know. Right now I have the Rouge and it is perfect.

  5. I want one of those GTR’s. That thing is bad to the bone!

  6. I love my Nissan Juke that I bought here. Its the turbo one. It really has some get up and go to it.


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